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Seo tells Sakura that the day started out horribly—she was caught chatting by her sensei. She then notices Nozaki and asks why he has been hanging around Sakura lately, and she mistakenly assumes that he has lolicon complex. The whole day Sakura and Nozaki observe her as she talks to her classmate and helps the basketball team during their practice session. [1]She then has to carry some notebooks (her tardiness penalty), and an annoyed Nozaki is roped into helping her. As she walks with him, Seo talks incessantly about how perfect she is. She then incorporates a “game” into this task, but Nozaki realizes too late that this is just a ploy to run away from this job as Guidance Counselor Aoki rushes into the hall to find Seo. She entrusts the notebooks to Nozaki and runs off. [2] Afterwards, Seo goes to her Glee Club practice. Nozaki is spellbound by how beautifully she sings. [3]

One day in class, Sakura talks to Yuzuki about which mark she would prefer to use if she had a choice. She tells Sakura she would definitely use the briefs mark because it seems easier to draw. Yuu Kashima then interrupts them, asking Sakura if she would like to help paint the sets because she is in the art club. [4]

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Volume 6 Edit

Wakamatsu (whose personality changed after wear a mask) approached Seo who was playing basketball to challenge her, but immediately ended after Waka tripped.[5]

Volume 7 Edit


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