Yumeko Nozaki

Yumeko Nozaki
Biographical Information
Kanji 野崎夢子
Age 14
Class 2-C (Middle School)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime No known appearances
Manga Volume 8, Chapter 72.5
Voice Actors
Yumeko Nozaki (野崎夢子 Nozaki Yumeko) is a middle school student. She is the younger sister of Umetarou and Mayu Nozaki.

Yumeko lives with her mother, father and Mayu in Saitama.

Appearance Edit

Yumeko has reddish brown hair in two chin-length pigtails on either side of her face, tied up by green elastics. Her forehead is obscured by a choppy fringe, similar to that of Mayu. Yumeko's eye colour is unknown. She is often depicted wearing her school uniform - a knee-length green dress with no sleeves, over a white shirt. The typical black ribbon for middle school second-years is fitted under her collar.

Personality Edit

Yumeko is a curious, slightly insecure and enigmatic girl with aspects of sarcasm. After seeing one of Mayu's drawings, she becomes discouraged about her art abilities, thus displaying her self-conscious side. She has no qualms about talking to or asking questions of her family members. Yumeko does not take gender into consideration when judging a person's attractiveness, as seen when she chooses Kashima over Mikoshiba even after being informed that Kashima is a girl. Towards her friends at school, Yumeko is bubbly and pleasant.

Relationships Edit

Umetarou Nozaki Edit

Yumeko views Umetarou as a reliable older brother. She affectionately calls him 'onii-chan' (older brother) and does not hesitate to ask him for advice. This is shown when she approaches Umetarou during a bout of insecurity, requesting 'intensive drawing training'. Despite the fact that she realises his skill in art, Yumeko does not seem to believe that Umetarou is the author of 'Let's Fall in Love'.

Mayu Nozaki Edit

Yumeko does not use the proper honorific when referring to Mayu, instead calling him 'Mayu-kun'. She seems to take on the responsibility of reminding him to do certain things, such as eating, when he is being lazy. Yumeko also acknowledges Mayu's art abilities, as seen when she subtly compliments one of his judo illustrations.

Mr. Nozaki Edit

Besides Umetarou and Mayu, Yumeko also confides in her father for advice. She goes to him after discovering Mayu's illustration, questioning whether she will eventually improve at art.

Trivia Edit


Yumeko's original design

  • Yumeko was originally intended to be the protagonist of the series, Seo and Kashima being her friends and featuring Umetarou as a supporting character. However, Umetarou's role in the storyline gradually overtook Yumeko's, and her position as the main character was overthrown.
  • Umetarou's pen name for 'Let's Fall in Love', Yumeno Sakiko, is hinted at being based off of Yumeko's name.
  • Yumeko's hometown of Saitama is also where Izumi Tsubaki was born.

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