Yukari Miyako

Yukari Miyako
Yukari Miyako
Biographical Information
Kanji 都 ゆかり
Horoscope Aries
Birthday April 8
Age 20
Class College (Unknown Class)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Blood Type O
Anime Episode 5
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 9
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Ayako Kawasumi
English Voice Brittany Djie

Yukari Miyako (都 ゆかり Miyako Yukari) is Umetarou Nozaki's neighbour. She lives upstairs from him in the same apartment block.

Yukari is a college student and works as a shōjo mangaka who publishes under her real name. Since the age of 18, her editor has been Mitsuya Maeno from Monthly Girls' Romance.

The manga series she is known to have published are 'Tanu☆Pon ~Hold Me Close~', 'The Tanuki Forest' and 'A Day in the Tanuki's Life'. All of her manga series feature tanuki because Maeno considers them to be cute.

Appearance Edit

Yukari has medium-length, straight purple-black hair and violet eyes.

In the anime, she wears a pink knee-length smock dress with a lace collar, under a pale yellow cardigan. She wears a matching pink headband behind her ears. Yukari also wears ankle-length white socks and pink high heels.

Personality Edit

Yukari maintains a cheerful, friendly disposition and a trademark smile. Her happy-go-lucky character causes most people, including her friends at college, to assume the worst of her. This is shown when Yukari's classmates do not hesitate to accept the rumour that she may be working 'night jobs'.

Yukari is also incapable of standing up for herself, as shown when she was unable to convince Maeno to keep the tanuki out of her manga. Maeno even managed to make her apologise for his mistake.

She is also extremely oblivious, particularly towards Ryosuke Seo's crush on her.

Relationships Edit

Ryosuke Seo Edit

Mitsuya Maeno Edit

Umetarou Nozaki Edit



  • Her favorite food is tomatoes and her least favorite food is liver.
  • She prefers creamy cake to cheesecake.
  • She dislikes beer.
  • Her hobby is online shopping.
  • She has a mother, father, and a dog.
  • She is inclined towards people who are easy to relax around.

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