Umetarou Nozaki
Umetarou Nozaki
Biographical Information
Kanji 野崎 梅太郎
Also Known as Yumeno Sakiko
Horoscope Gemini
Birthday June 6
Age 17
Class 2-B
Club Go-Home
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 190 cm
Blood Type A
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Yuichi Nakamura
English Voice Ty Mahany

Umetarou Nozaki (野崎 梅太郎 Nozaki Umetarō) is the titular hero of the series. He is a high school student, and the subject of Chiyo Sakura's affection. Nozaki works as a manga artist under the pen name Yumeno Sakiko, currently illustrating 'Let's Fall in Love'. His manga is being published by Monthly Girls' Romance.

Appearance Edit

Umetarou Nozaki is a tall high school student. He has sharp, black eyes and short, black hair. He has a muscular figure from training in the past, when he was the captain of the basketball club in his middle school. His school uniform consists of a grey blazer with the school symbol under the pocket. This is worn over a collared white shirt, which is tucked in, and navy blue pants. He also wears a skinny red tie and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Umetarou Nozaki is a talented manga artist who has a lot of passion for his two main characters, Saburou Suzuki and Mamiko. In fact, he is so passionate about manga that his life seems to revolve solely around doing research for it. For example, he loves Valentine's Day because the great variety of chocolates and pretty packaging make great references.

Despite making a romance-oriented manga praised for its sensitivity to girls' feelings, he has no personal experience in love and is rather blunt towards girls. His story ideas are often ridiculous and far-fetched, and he is rather unromantic in real life. He appreciates Chiyo's drawing ability but is apparently oblivious to her feelings.

Nozaki is extremely blunt when it comes to things like pointing at a girl's bra and saying that it is showing, and explaining to Sakura that he had never experienced his first love, despite the fact that he claims he is a love expert. He is oblivious and dense when it comes to love and feelings himself, especially those of Sakura.

He is so oblivious and dense to the point that he appears silly at times, doing absurd things such as trying on a girl's sailor uniform for research. Despite him being oblivious to Sakura's crush on him, he enjoys her presence and is often seen both around and outside of school with her.

Skills Edit

As a manga artist, he has a lot of talent in drawing characters such as Suzuki and Mamiko but cannot create characters without using real people as models. He once tried creating new characters from scratch, but ended up with several male characters that looked identical to his male lead, Suzuki. Thus, he now gathers ideas for characters from people-watching. And along with Sakura and Mikoshiba, his background skills are lacking. Hori now helps him with the background, but before Hori arrived, Nozaki tried to avoid the problem of drawing backgrounds as much as possible.


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Relationships Edit

Chiyo Sakura Edit

Nozaki respects Sakura, despite being oblivious towards her feelings regarding him. He also admires her artistic skills, as he had noticed - and was impressed by - Sakura's posters around the school, long before she first approaches him. Nozaki considers Sakura to be a good friend whom he is willing to confide in, sometimes going out of his way to ensure that she is not upset.

Mikoto Mikoshiba Edit

Nozaki and Mikoshiba are very close friends. He met Mikoshiba while studying people for his manga, the latter wound up being the model for Mamiko in Let's Fall in Love, and his assistant in drawing flowers and effects. Mikoshiba would ask Nozaki for advice about his dating games and keep a part of his otaku collection in Nozaki's apartment.

Hirotaka Wakamatsu Edit

Nozaki was the team captain of their Junior High School's basketball team, Wakamatsu was his closest underclassman. Wakamatsu eventually ended up in the same high school as Nozaki, though his occasional requests for a game is always rejected. Nozaki asks Wakamatsu to help him with his manga if he can't sleep due to his insomnia, first with erasing then eventually with screentones, he gives him Lerolei's songs to help him sleep but keeps the singer's true identity a secret. Wakamatsu usually talks about his personal life and problems to him while working on the manga.

Masayuki Hori Edit

Hori works for Nozaki by drawing backgrounds for him. In exchange, Nozaki writes scripts for Hori because Kashima frequently plays the character of a prince, and not many plays include princes. Hori requested that Nozaki doesn't tell anybody that he helps him with his manga, because he is afraid that Kashima will find out and attract all of her girlfriends to Nozaki's apartment. Although Hori and Nozaki seem to get along, Hori hopes that Nozaki will someday learn to draw backgrounds on his own.

Yuzuki Seo Edit

Nozaki finds Seo's personality irritating but acknowledges that she is oblivious and never expects anything good from her. He is aware of Seo being Lorelei but is dedicated in hiding this form Wakamatsu. A side character, Oze, is modeled after her in Let's Fall in Love who Nozaki reluctantly writes together with Waka (modeled after Wakamatsu) out of popular demand.

Yuu Kashima Edit

Nozaki, along with Sakura, is introduced to Kashima through Mikoshiba. When writing scripts for Hori, Nozaki stated that he couldn't view her as a generic prince once he discovered how much she flirted with other girls. Though both Mikoshiba and Hori do not want her finding out about the manga, Nozaki believes they are overreacting and can be careless with what he says in front of her. He doesn't usually use Kashima as reference for his manga, but he later said that she might be a good reference for Suzuki.

Mayu Nozaki Edit

Mayu is Umetarou Nozaki's younger brother. Since Mayu is so lazy, he sends very minimalist texts which only Nozaki is able to understand. When Mayu was little, he was teased for not speaking, so Nozaki protected him from bullies. As he grew older, Mayu continued to be lazy and reliant upon others. When Nozaki stopped living with his parents, Mayu was opposed to him leaving, but decided it wasn't worth the effort to stop him. Despite Mayu's laziness, the two brothers seem to care for and understand each other very well.

Yumeko Nozaki Edit

Yumeko is Nozaki's younger sister. Although her favorite manga is Let's Fall in Love, and she even declares Yumeno Sakiko to be her god, she is not aware that Nozaki is the author. Nozaki tried to prove that he is Yumeno Sakiko by signing his autograph, but Yumeko was still not convinced. She also didn't take him at his word when he told her how he met Sakura. Yumeko appreciates her brother because he buys shoujo manga for her. Yumeko got discouraged when she learned that both Mayu and Nozaki were much better at drawing then her. Nozaki tried to help her draw and encouraged her to submit her drawing to the monthly magazine, but since her drawing was terrible, he wrote that she was three years old, to save her from embarrassment.


  • [to Sakura about Mikoshiba]: "Although it started out as an observation to create a character, we quickly became good friends." [1]

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is on Plum Day (Ume, as in Umetarou, means plum).
  • His family consists of his father, mother and two younger siblings in middle school (Mayu and Yumeko).
  • His hobby consists of working on his manga and browsing the internet.
  • He spends his holidays working and shopping.
  • Nozaki is a self-proclaimed expert at love consultation.
  • He is not good at dealing with anything related to Maeno.
  • He prefers wearing dark colors.
  • His best subjects are Modern and Classic Literature, Japanese History and Home Economics.
  • His worst subjects are World History and English.
  • His elective subject is Art.
  • His favorite food is rice.
  • His least favorite food is European cuisine.
  • His type of girl is 'a girl who has determination'.
  • His gym elective is judo.
  • In the character popularity poll conducted in the fanbook, Nozaki ranked 6th.
  • He was part of the 18th graduating class in middle school.
  • Nozaki unconsciously based Mamiko's design after Chiyo


  1. GSNK manga; Volume 1, Chapter 3

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