Towa Sakura
Towa Sakura
Towa Sakura
Biographical Information
Kanji 佐倉 十和
Age 14
Class Middle School (Unknown Class)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Manga Volume 9, Chapter 84.5
Voice Actors
Towa Sakura (佐倉 十和 Sakura Towa) is the younger brother of Chiyo Sakura. He is in his second year of middle school.

Appearance Edit

Towa has orange hair with a choppy fringe, similar in style to Saburou Suzuki, which falls between his eyes. Towa's eye colour is unknown. He has been depicted wearing a hooded jumper as well as his white uniform shirt. He is taller than Chiyo.

Personality Edit

Izumi Tsubaki describes Towa as a normal, simple-hearted, middle school boy. He has a healthy relationship with his friends and family and plays tennis as a sport.

Relationships Edit

Chiyo Sakura Edit

Towa acts indifferent towards his sister. He appears to think that Chiyo is annoying and often tells her to be quiet, especially when she rambles about Nozaki. He does not know that Chiyo is Nozaki's assistant and considers her to be weird for being 'such a big fan' of Nozaki. When a friend asks Towa how he would describe his sister, he explains that 'she wears really big ribbons'.

Umetarou Nozaki Edit

Due to Chiyo's constant praise and exaggerated descriptions, Towa becomes convinced that Nozaki is a model working under the stage name of 'Yumeno Sakiko'.

Yuu Kashima Edit

Towa's first impression of Kashima as a handsome guy led him to believe that she was Chiyo's idol, 'Nozaki the model'. However, this idea vanishes after noticing that she is wearing a skirt. When questioned about her and Nozaki's relationship, Kashima tells Towa that she is his 'rival'.

Mikoto Mikoshiba Edit

When Towa notices Mikoshiba approaching Kashima, he exclaims that 'the hot guys are multiplying'. Kashima tells Mikoshiba that he is a kid looking for Nozaki.

Trivia Edit

  • For the question "Which sibling's backstory would you most like to see?" on the fifth anniversary poll, "Chiyo's younger brother" garnered the largest number of votes. As a result, Towa has been included into the supporting cast.

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