Biographical Information
Kanji 友田
Age 15-18
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 4
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 8
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Satoshi Hino
Tomoda (友田 Tomoda) is the protagonist's best friend from Mikoto Mikoshiba's otome game 'Girls Princess 3'.

Plot Edit

When Mikoshiba is spending the night at Nozaki's house, he decides to play his game. After Mikoshiba invites Nozaki to play, Nozaki questions why Tomoda would sacrifice his youth for the protagonist of the game. Mikoshiba and Nozaki decide to write a story in which Tomoda ends up with someone. They come to the conclusion that the person that Tomoda would be happiest with would be the protagonist of the game.

When Sakura visits Nozaki the next morning she finds the story that Nozaki and Mikoshiba wrote the previous night in which the protagonist of the game and Tomoda ended up together.

Trivia Edit

  • In a character poll from the official fanbook, Tomoda ranked 14th.
  • Tomoda's name is a play on the Japanese word 友達 (tomodachi), meaning 'friend'.