Secret Days

The box art cover of 'Secret Days'

Secret Days (シークレットDays♡ Shīkuretto Days) is an otome game distributed as prizes in a competition hosted by Monthly Girls' Romance.

Umetarou Nozaki received a copy of the game from his editor, Ken Miyamae. It is used as reference material for Nozaki's manga, 'Let's Fall in Love.'

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A PV of the game was released by Square Enix on April Fools' Day in 2014.
  • The character 'Umeno Sakitarou' is a self-insert of Nozaki.
  • The character 'Kotomi Mikoshiba' is a self-insert of Mikoshiba.
  • The protagonist, Umeko, is a self-insert of Nozaki's alter ego. She is meant to resemble Mamiko.
  • The game's mascot is a 3D-model of a tanuki.

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