Saburou Suzuki
Saburou Suzuki
Biographical Information
Kanji 鈴木 三郎
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Chris Patton
Saburou Suzuki (鈴木 三郎 Suzuki Saburō) is the male protagonist of Umetarou Nozaki's manga, 'Let's Fall in Love'.

Appearance Edit

Suzuki has short, sandy brown hair (often depicted as blond) with a choppy fringe which falls between his bright blue eyes. As per Nozaki's intended design, he is a typical bishounen with a slim figure to suit. In 'Let's Fall in Love', he is usually drawn wearing the school uniform - a blue-green blazer and tie with long pants and a white shirt.

Personality Edit

Suzuki is a flirtatious and slightly narcissistic high school boy with his heart set on Mamiko. The two are depicted in various romantic situations throughout Nozaki's manga, often involving him leading on a flustered Mamiko. In Chapter 54, it is revealed that certain aspects of Suzuki's personality are modeled after Yuu Kashima - his ability to create a sophisticated atmosphere in particular.

Relationships Edit

Mamiko Edit

Mamiko is Suzuki's love interest in 'Let's Fall in Love'. He tends to be the more dominant of the pair, as well as being a stereotypical 'prince charming' who slowly warms up to the 'princess'. Early on in the story he is oblivious to Mamiko's advances. However, various clues in the manga point towards Suzuki eventually falling in love with her, as the title suggests.

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