Ryosuke Seo
Ryosuke Seo
Biographical Information
Kanji 瀬尾 遼介
Age 20
Class University (Unknown Class)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime No known appearances
Manga Volume 6 Chapter 53
Voice Actors
Ryosuke Seo (瀬尾 遼介 Seo Ryōsuke) is the older brother of Yuzuki Seo. He attends an unidentified university and is in the same class as Haru and Yukari Miyako, whom he has an unrequited crush on. Ryosuke works part-time as a waiter at a café.

Appearance Edit

Ryosuke has short, ruffled blond hair with bangs parted in the middle. Part of his fringe is smoothed back. Ryosuke is typically depicted wearing a vest or large jacket over a fitted, short-sleeved t-shirt.

He wears a long-sleeved, white dress shirt with a welt breast pocket at work. His uniform also consists of a black crossover bow tie, a name-tag placed over the dress shirt pocket, a black apron, and black dress pants.

Personality Edit

Ryosuke's slightly intimidating image is almost at a complete opposite to his true disposition. Preferring to build emotional walls in order to subdue his insecurities, Ryosuke's character can be compared to that of Mikoto Mikoshiba. Ryosuke dislikes engaging in drama and is generally impassive, however, he can lash out when provoked. Ryosuke is also very shy in romantic situations, as shown by his avoidance of confessing to Yukari. He is prone to misunderstandings, evidenced by his belief that Nozaki and Yukari are dating as well as the belief that Wakamatsu likes his sister. He seems to be on good terms with other employees at the cafe.

Relationships Edit

Chiyo Sakura Edit

Ryosuke is on friendly terms with Chiyo, knowing her to be a friend of his sister's. He has also previously offered Chiyo a part-time job at his café, however, his offer was turned down.

Yuzuki Seo Edit

Ryosuke acts fondly towards his sister, despite finding her personality annoying and unbefitting of a high school girl. He is also shown to be somewhat scared of letting Yuzuki near his workplace, since he believes she will stop at nothing to terrorise his colleagues. Ryosuke has no qualms about teasing Yuzuki, especially about her relationship with Hirotaka Wakamatsu.

Yukari Miyako Edit

Ryosuke has attempted confessing to Yukari on several occasions. He has not been successful in conveying his feelings, due to Yukari's oblivious nature.

Yuu Kashima Edit

Due to lack of staff positions at the café where Ryosuke works, Kashima was hired as a waitress. Ryosuke views Kashima as handsome and talented for her age. Kashima is shown to trust Ryosuke with her work experience as well as personal issues. They interact amicably at work.

Umetarou Nozaki Edit

He believes Nozaki is dating Yukari. Due to his misinterpretation of their relationship, Ryosuke has been misled to believe that Nozaki is not treating Yukari properly on several instances. Ryosuke has previously asked Sakura whether "he is more cool and mature than the average high schooler" because he believes Yukari has chosen Nozaki over him. He does not appear to hate Nozaki, instead viewing him as a formidable contender for Yukari's affection.

Haru Edit

Ryosuke first heard the rumor that Yukari is dating Nozaki from Haru. They are good friends and he appears to place a lot of trust in her.

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