OST InformationEdit

The complete original soundtracks volume one and volume two were bundled in volume three and volume four of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Blu-ray/DVD set, respectively.

Staff ListEdit

Trumpet: 西村浩二 (Nishimura Kouji)
Trombone: 村田陽一 (Murata Youichi)
Tuba: 佐藤 潔 (Satou Kiyoshi)
Chorus: 渡部沙智子 (Watanabe Sachiko)
Guitars & Ukulele: 伊丹雅樽 (Itami Miyabitaru)
Piano: 芙野春樹 (Mino Haruki)
Strings: 今野 均ス卜リングス (Konno Hitoshisu Strings)
Keyboard Harmonia: 橋本由香利 (Hashimoto Yukari)
Whistling: 佐藤 優 (Satou Yuu)
Programming: 橋本由香利 (Hashimoto Yukari)
Inspected by: 杉山葉次 (Sugitama Youji [Witchcraft])
Recorded & Mixed by: 小寺秀樹 (Kodera Hideki [VERYGOO])
Recorded at: ROKU-st, Sound City
Mixed at: ROKU-st
Sound Product Managed by: 佐藤 優 (Satou Yuu [VERYGOO)
Sound Produced & Directed by: 橋本由香利 (Hashimoto Yukari)
Mastered by: 袴田剛史 (Hakamada Takeshi)
Produced by: 若林 豪 (Wakabayashi Gou [KADOKAWA])


Soundtrack Volume One Soundtrack Volume Two
Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai Soundtrack Uraomote Fortune Soundtrack

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