Mitsuya Maeno and Ken Miyamae pictured at the headquarters of Monthly Girls' Romance.

Monthly Girls' Romance (月刊少女ロマンス Gekkan Shōjo Romansu) is a shojo manga magazine which publishes numerous manga targeted toward teenage girls, including Umetarou Nozaki's 'Let's Fall in Love'.

Titles Edit

Ongoing Edit

Title Author Editor
Let's Fall in Love Umetarou Nozaki, under pen name 'Yumeno Sakiko' Ken Miyamae, previously Mitsuya Maeno
Tanu☆Pon ~Hold Me Close~ Yukari Miyako Mitsuya Maeno
Flower❀Scramble Yukari Miyako Mitsuya Maeno
Forever One-Sided For You Unknown Unknown

Discontinued/Completed Edit

Title Author Editor
The Tanuki Forest Yukari Miyako Mitsuya Maeno
A Day in the Tanuki's Life (spin-off) Yukari Miyako Mitsuya Maeno
Shooting✮Star Prince Yukari Miyako Mitsuya Maeno
Bloody Classroom Yukari Miyako Mitsuya Maeno
As Her Majesty Decrees Yukari Miyako Mitsuya Maeno
Shaky♡Shaky Push Umetarou Nozaki Mitsuya Maeno
'Diet manga' (name unknown) Umetarou Nozaki Unknown

Uncertain Status Edit

Title Author Editor
Starlight Unknown Mitsuya Maeno
You'll Do Everything I Say Unknown Unknown
A Wonderful Labyrinth Unknown Unknown
Ootsuka-kun's Affairs Yukari Miyako Mitsuya Maeno

Staff Edit

Editors Edit

Mangaka Edit

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