Sakura, Nozaki and Miyako in the kitchen

Yukari Miyako's apartment is in the same apartment building as Umetarou Nozaki's apartment, but on a higher floor. The basic layout of the apartment is also similar to that of Nozaki.

Besides Miyako herself, only Nozaki, Sakura and Maeno are known to have entered the apartment.


Sakura, Nozaki and Miyako in the lounge room


A shelving unit

Pink is the predominant theme in Miyako's apartment. She has a pink refrigerator, a pink waste basket as well as pink cushions and chairs. A rectangular table is positioned in the center of the lounge room. Next to the table there is a red sofa for visitors and a cushion, on which Miyako sits.

On top of one shelf is a collection of perfume and nail polish. There is also a fax machine as well as a tree-shaped jewellery stand. On the wall behind the shelf is a gold-framed mirror and a clock.

Multiple tanuki and tanuki-inspired decorations can be found throughout the apartment. Plushes, framed pictures and sculptures adorn the walls and benches inside every room. Miyako even has a shelf which contains nothing but decorative tanuki.

Anime Blueprints Edit

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