Mitsuya Maeno
Mitsuya Maeno
Biographical Information
Kanji 前野 密也
Horoscope Leo
Birthday August 1
Age 27
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
Blood Type B
Anime Episode 5
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 7
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Daisuke Ono
English Voice Ned Gayle

Mitsuya Maeno (前野 密也 Maeno Mitsuya) is Umetarou Nozaki's former editor, and currently Yukari Miyako's editor.

He has known Ken Miyamae since high school, and both of them went to the same college.

Appearance Edit

Maeno has amber eyes, short silver hair (depicted as dark brown in the anime) and a messy fringe which is parted in the middle. He wears a varied selection of outfits which are commonly paired with white trousers. Some of these include: a grey blazer over a blue shirt, a yellow cardigan and a blue collared vest.


Even though he seems to be an ordinary friendly guy, he is a narcissist, and according to Nozaki, he always claims his suggestions are great ideas. This personality also can be seen through his actions using Monthly Girls' Romance editor's blog as his personal blog.

He is an incompetent person, who is always giving very bad suggestions, for example, adding unnecessary characters like elephants. He is also careless in his actions, for example, he casually loses Yukari's manuscript, and spills curry on another one. However, he has cute side that he is fond to cute characters such as tanuki, though he frequently forces the artists to add tanukis to every panel, even at the expense of disrupting important moments in the manga.

It is implied that he is initially popular with the female mangaka that he works with due to his charisma, but they gradually end up disliking him due to his personality.

Relationships Edit

Ken Miyamae Edit

Ken and Maeno are editors under the same publisher, Monthly Girls' Romance. They were student in the same highschool and had the same ring of friends. Maeno graduated and got into the industry two years earlier than Ken, making him a senpai. Although Ken hates him, Maeno genuinely believes they are friends and annoys him to no end.

Yukari Miyako Edit

Yukari is a manga author under Maeno's management. She receives unhelpful advice from him, such as adding tanukis, but complies anyway despite the complaints of others. Maeno persuades her easily due to her soft spoken disposition.

Umetarou Nozaki Edit

Umetarou Nozaki, pen name Yumino Sakiko, is a manga author that used to be under Maeno's management before bering transferred to Ken Miyamae. He cannot stand Maeno for his incompetence and is eternally grateful to Ken for replacing him.


  • Maeno's favorite foods are trendy foods. He does not have a least favorite food.
  • His hobbies are attending mixers and drinking parties, as well as reading gravure magazines.
  • He has a mother, father, and older sister.
  • He is the person behind the spoiler-filled previews in 'Tanu☆Pon ~Hold Me Close~'.
  • The Official Fanbook states that his looks actually aren't that impressive but his outgoing personality is what makes him attractive to people

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