Mikoshiba Mikoto

Mikoto Mikoshiba
Biographical Information
Also Known as Mikorin (みこりん)
Horoscope Aquarius
Birthday February 14
Age 16-17
Class 2-G
Club Go-Home Club
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 177cm
Blood Type A
Anime Episode 2
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Nobuhiko Okamoto
English Voice Scott Gibbs

Mikoto Mikoshiba (御子柴 実琴 Mikoshiba Mikoto) also known as Mikorin, is one of the heroes of the series. He is one of Umetarou Nozaki's assistants as well as Yuu Kashima's best friend and classmate.

Appearance Edit

Mikoto has red hair and eyes. He wears red studs on both of his pierced ears. At school, he wears the standard Roman Academy uniform unbuttoned over an orange shirt.

According to his bio, when not in school, he likes to wear flashy clothes and follow fashion magazines.

Personality Edit

He attracts the attention of many girls, and is admired by the males as well. However in reality, he has a timid and 'tsundere' attitude. While outwardly he flirts with girls shamelessly and confidently, afterwards, he cringes and becomes embarrassed at his own actions. Despite his own incompetence in romantic situations, Mikoto is perceptive when it comes to his friends' love lives. He can accurately infer when they are in need of assistance and is always willing to help.

It is discovered that his personality is actually the inspiration for Nozaki's heroine character, Mamiko. While some characters figure this out and constantly make references to it, Mikoto seems to be completely oblivious.

Skills Edit

Mikoto has no skill when it comes to drawing people or inanimate objects. However, he is an expert at drawing flowers, effects and embellishments to bring out the charm in characters. Besides art, Mikoto is also fluent in the language of flowers. He uses this information to pinpoint the exact flower needed to match the atmosphere of any scene in 'Let's Fall in Love'.

History Edit

Three years ago, Mikoto was unable to confidently speak to girls, so he started to 'study' by playing dating sims. Discovering that there were more to individual women than meets the eye, he decided to conquer them all! Thus, leading this pure boy into a world or dating sims and figurine collecting.

Relationships Edit

Umetarou NozakiEdit

Nozaki got to know Mikoshiba while observing people as reference for his manga. As they got closer, Mikoshiba somehow became his first assistant. Mikoshiba would stay over at Nozaki's place for advice on his dating sim games and keeps a part of his otaku collection in Nozaki's apartment closet. Mikoshiba is not aware that he is the model for Mamiko.

Chiyo SakuraEdit

Mikoshiba is introduced to Sakura by Nozaki. At first, Mikoshiba would act distant, but over time, he becomes comfortable around her and sees her as a little sister. He is aware of her crush on Nozaki and actively tries to move it forward. Despite his initial protest, Sakura calls him "Mikorin".

Yuu KashimaEdit

Mikoshiba and Kashima have been in the same class since their first year in high school and became best friends after their constant rivalry with each other. They have a good friendship, when allowed to invite a friend, they would usually invite each other. According to a Q&A with the author, the two pass the time with normal guy conversations and Kashima is not completely aware of Mikoshiba's otaku hobbies.

Masayuki HoriEdit

Mikoshiba knows Hori as the Drama Club President who escorts Kashima to her club activities. He is not aware that Hori does the backgrounds for Nozaki's manga. He tends to be cautious regarding his relationship with Kashima, worrying about either jealousy or Kashima's well-being. Hori noticed the resemblance between Mikoshiba and Mamiko when he helped in a play and has been pronouncing his name wrong, adding "Mami-" from Mamiko at the start ("Mamikoshiba").

Mayu NozakiEdit

Mikoshiba, as an elder, feels responsible for Mayu, often talking and watching over him, especially when Umetarou isn't there. The two are on good terms and are often drawn together in promotional materials. Mikoshiba follows a blog titled 'MayuMayu' which features art by Mayu, under the assumption that is is run by a girl, and occasionally text each other. Mikoshiba is sometimes seen paired with Mayu in fan art in a romantic way.

Hirotaka WakamatsuEdit

Mikoshiba is initially intimidated by Wakamatsu's "athlete" status, thinking that they would not get along because of the difference in interest. However, Wakamatsu admires him greatly as his senior, calming his nerves. The two accidentally expose their position as assistants later on. Mikoshiba believes Wakamatsu is a good kid with a pure heart, but can't bring himself to reveal his otaku hobbies to him. Mikoshiba is aware of his crush on Lorelei and Lorelei's true identity as Seo but does not say anything because of how awkward the situation is.

Trivia Edit

  • His friends and classmates usually give valentines chocolates as gifts for his birthday (Valentines Day). He doesn't like honmei chocolate. In a small comic drawn by Izumi Tsubaki, he was once given accessories and a tea set instead of chocolate.
    • Honmei chocolate is the chocolate given to people you like or have romantic feelings towards.
  • Mikorin lives with his father, mother and a black cat named Noa.
  • In assisting Nozaki, he is in charge of drawing flowers, accents, small objects, effects and sketching.
  • Mikorin's hobby is mainly playing video games (dating simulators and RPG's). He spends his holidays playing those games. Additionally, he's good at memorizing his favorite character profiles.
  • He's bad at conversing with girls. When he's surrounded by them, he uses Kashima as a shield and runs away. Overall, he's very shy but isn't shy when it comes to younger males, like Wakamatsu and Mayu.
  • Mikorin's clothing choices consist of skulls and chains (as accessories), punk and flirtatious clothes. He occasionally wears pink based on a Manet Fashion Magazine.
  • Mikorin is good in Biology and English class but doesn't do as well in Government class. His elective subject is Music.
  • On a deleted twitter post, his voice actor, Nobuhiko Okamoto, mentioned that Mikorin uses horse oil shampoo to wash his hair. In addition to that, Mikorin usually showers for fifteen minutes.
  • Due to being an only child, he tries to play the part of an older brother.
  • With his classmates, he's known as a 'stud that's popular with his girls' while him being embarrassed is just him being open-hearted.
  • He is a closet moe otaku (liking female figurines, games and other 2D things) and doesn't want other people knowing he's a manga assistant. However, he sees the other assistants as kin and opens up to them fairly easily despite his shy personality. Additionally, he's the only member of Nozaki’s manga helpers who doesn’t know that Hori is doing the backgrounds.
  • Mikorin likes to eat hamburgers and dislikes bell peppers and bitter things.
  • Mikorin likes gentle, modest and innocent girls but most of them are too intimidated by him.
  • He ranked 1st in the character popularity poll, according to the official fanbook.
  • Mikorin pierced his ears when entering high school because of the characters he liked (to mimic them) and due to fashion magazines.