Mayu Nozaki

Mayu Nozaki
Biographical Information
Kanji 野崎 真由
Birthday August 8
Age 15
Class Middle School (Unknown Class)
Club Judo
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 181 cm
Blood Type AB
Anime Episode 12
Manga Volume 4 Chapter 33
Voice Actors

Mayu Nozaki (野崎 真由 Nozaki Mayu) is the middle child of the Nozaki family. He is the younger brother of Umetarou and the older brother of Yumeko. Mayu is a middle school student, and is affiliated with the judo club.


Like his older brother, Mayu is tall, has jet black hair (albeit with longer bangs), and sharp black eyes. He is either seen wearing his middle school's uniform, which consists of a black gakuran and black uniform pants, or casual clothing like t-shirts and jeans. Additionally, he is quite muscular due to his dedication to judo.


Mayu finds that most things that require effort as troublesome but is super energetic when it comes to Judo. As a child, he was often bullied for being so quiet. Nozaki said that he'd protect Mayu if the latter found it too troublesome to deal with the bullies himself. Instead of being heartwarming, it just encouraged Mayu to use his brother as a personal crutch and encouraged him to go through life trying to expend as little energy as possible.

In the manga it was shown that in order to get Mayu to excel in school, his team mates banned him from doing judo which resulted in Mayu excelling in his studies so much that he became popular among the female students. When the Judo team realized this, they quickly lift the ban because they became jealous of Mayu's sudden popularity.

He is also talented in drawing and it seems that Mayu and Mikoshiba Mikoto (Nozaki's friend and inspiration for his manga's heroine, Mamiko) get along well.


Umetarou NozakiEdit

Mayu seems to have a relatively close relationship with his brother. He supports Nozaki's manga career and claims to have read every one of his brother's manga and found them interesting, although when pressed to talk about them he describes them all as, "a guy gets with a girl." His brother is also the only person in his family who understands his lazy texting. Mayu says that when his brother initially wanted to move out of the family home, he was opposed to it, but because of his laziness, he quickly gave up.

Mikoto MikoshibaEdit

Mikoto and Mayu seem to be well-acquainted, even being able to speak normally with each other when both are described as shy characters by others. When Mayu decides to draw diagrams for his judo club to match their tastes, he goes to Mikoto's house to borrow ecchi and gal-game reference materials. In another chapter, Mikoto is shown to enjoy a blog of Mayu's drawings, set up by another judo club member, Kobayashi, using the handle 'MayuMayu' and pretending to be a middle school girl. In the same chapter, Mikoto posts a comment to the blog pretending to be a high school girl and the judo club members encourage Mayu to respond. Mayu and Mikoto end up corresponding all day and all night until their batteries on their phones die. In the end, the result was that Mayu's texting had evolved into full-blown sentences, shocking his brother Umetarou Nozaki.


  • He was originally planned to be a girl.
  • Mayu's birthday is on butterfly day.
  • His hobby is napping and he spends his holidays doing it when there are no club activities.
  • His clothing choice are the ones which is easy to wear and the ones which can be worn without effort.
  • When he puts in effort, Mayu is good at every subject.
  • He refers to people who are older than him by their first name.
  • Mayu's favorite food is bread and all food that are easy to eat. He dislikes fish because the bones are too troublesome, and crab because he is too lazy to peel it.
  • Mayu's type of girl, according to his classmates, is an older woman whose future is already secured or a strong girl who is better at judo than him.
  • He attended the same middle school as Hirotaka Wakamatsu.

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