Masayuki Hori

Masayuki Hori
Masayuki Hori
Biographical Information
Kanji 堀 政行
Also Known as President (部長 buchō)


Horoscope Sagittarius
Birthday November 28
Age 17-18
Class 3-C
Club Drama
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 164 cm
Weight Around 53kg
Blood Type AB
Anime Episode 3
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 5
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Yuuki Ono
English Voice Adam Noble

Masayuki Hori (堀 政行 Hori Masayuki) is one of the heroes of the series. He is the president of Roman Academy's drama club. Although he is very good at acting, his short height makes him unqualified for most lead roles and his amazing acting makes him stand out too much to play a side character. Therefore, he works behind the scenes painting sets and making props instead.

Hori also works as Nozaki's assistant, drawing backgrounds for Let's Fall in Love in exchange for drama club scripts.


Hori is a short young man with short brown hair that is usually styled up with wax. Naturally, his fringe gathers in the centre of his forehead. When asked by Kashima about why he chooses to spike his hair up, he stated that he prefers his hair spiked up since wearing his bangs down makes him look younger.

Hori's school uniform consists of a blue shirt which is tucked into dark navy blue trousers. He wears a navy blue tie that is usually placed in his pocket when working but is taken out during school hours or when outside. He also leaves his top button undone with his sleeves being rolled up to his elbows.

During the summer festival, he wore a plain blue shirt which was tucked into dark green pants.


Hori is very diligent when it comes to the drama club and never slacks off during rehearsals. On the outside he comes off as mature and polite, however, Hori has a short temper and is easily angered. This is shown through his violence conduct towards Kashima when she makes inappropriate comments or tries to skip club meetings - typically using physical force to get her to behave.

Hori also has a slightly childish side. He has drawn briefs as beta markers on Nozaki's manga, enthusiastically discussed the former with Sakura, and talked about raw octopus with Kashima in the hot springs. Hori often compares Kashima's face with others and says that she is the most handsome afterall. This is shown through his comparison of Mikoshiba's face to that of Kashima, and the fact that he is primarily attracted to womens' legs.

When acting, Hori conducts himself composedly and supposedly peaks in a cool tone of voice according to the Drama Club's members. He doesn't care about awards and makes plays aimed for all students and creates plays that aren't for the purpose of social criticism or to send a message. The plays he writes tend to have a prince character in them and are romantic. Additionally, he is easily absorbed into plays when watching them, crying and laughing.


According to Nozaki and Sakura, Hori has a talent for drawing backgrounds due to his comprehensive understanding of perspective. He has once given Nozaki a lesson on this.

He is also a very skilled actor, according to Kashima, Sakura and much of the drama club. Hori's carpentry skills are shown through the props he makes for the Drama Club. It is stated in the official fanbook that he has 'mastered the art of building stages'. Hori also an excellent sense of spatial perception - the ability to note the size, shape, movement and orientation of objects in order to draw accurate buildings.


In elementary school, a female classmate gave Hori handmade chocolate that upset his stomach. Ever since then, he dislikes handmade food. Despite claiming he won't eat anything handmade, he will still eat something handmade by someone he knows well. During the Valentines Day arc, Kashima secretly gave Hori handmade chocolates, but even if she did not do it secretly, Hori would have still eaten it.

According to Kashima, Hori is the person that brought her into the school with his superb acting. He had not known she was a girl, and apparently was surprised when he found out.

After Kashima joined the drama club, Hori quit being an actor, claiming that the club had found the perfect main male character. He started to help make props for the drama club and directing the plays, and found that it was more interesting than acting, which led to him completely specializing in that aspect.


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Yuu KashimaEdit

While Hori tends to be violent towards Kashima, particularly when she is disrupting the club activities, he appreciates her when she works hard and tries her best.

Kashima is loyal and fond of Hori. Kashima cares about Hori's aspirations and goes out of her way to fulfill them. During the course of the series, Kashima has mistaken Hori for wanting to be a princess in a play and to wear feminine attire, such as blouses and skirts. On these occasions, Kashima has tried her best to support Hori by giving him clothes or reassuring him that they are friends.

In one episode Kashima gives a sleeping Hori a piggy-back ride while wearing a bull head. When Hori wakes up and sees Kashima take off the mask, reacting with a flustered look. While he thought it was a bit stupid he didn't forget about it.

Hori is also infatuated with Kashima's legs. Her legs are often described as "pretty legs girl", as Hori does not know the identity of the owner of the legs, although Kashima has been trying to convince him that "pretty legs girl" is actually her.

A prominent aspect of their relationship is Hori's fondness of Kashima's face, shown by how he insists that Kashima is the most good-looking one, even compared to Mikoshiba and the attention towards her face. An example of this is when Kashima tries to get him to look at her legs, but Hori instead points out that her eyes look tired immediately, showing that he is able to notice differences to her face, due to frequent observation of her face.

Umetarou NozakiEdit

Nozaki was originally hired by Hori to create scripts for his drama club, and in exchange, Hori would draw backgrounds for his manga. They grew to be friends, and Hori usually confides in Nozaki and Sakura in his dealings with Kashima and the drama club. He also asks Nozaki alone for advice in drama club activities. He sometimes wishes Nozaki would show more interest in drawing his own backgrounds.

Chiyo Sakura Edit

Hori has a good relationship with Sakura. Both are aware of each other's status as assistant, and he knows about her crush on Nozaki, but doesn't do anything to support the latter. He occasional teaches Sakura how to draw backgrounds.

Hirotaka Wakamatsu Edit

Hori knows that Wakamatsu is an assistant for Nozaki's manga, they tend to work together because they help during late night. Later, he recognizes him as the character model for Waka from Let's Fall in Love. Hori thinks that Wakamatsu dumb, weird and very close to Seo. They sport a senpai-kouhai type of friendship and occasionally hang out.

Mikoto Mikoshiba Edit

Hori recognizes Mikoshiba as a close friend of Kashima and Nozaki, and as the character model for Mamiko from Let's Fall in Love; the latter association is so strong that he mistakenly addresses him as "Mami-koshiba". He genuinely believes that Mikoshiba has potential to be a good actor for his looks and hard work, but never pursued it for Mikoshiba's shyness. Hori hides his assistant position from him to keep Kashima from discovering about his manuscript deal with Nozaki.

Yuzuki Seo Edit

Hori is not close to Yuzuki in any way. Seo would sometimes address him as "Hori-chan" in school, in which he'd remind her to call him "senpai". He considers her a normal but close friend of Kashima, a very close friend of Wakamatsu and recognizes her as the character model for Oze from Let's Fall in Love.


  • His birthday is on good knee-high socks day which is celebrated in Japan.
  • Hori lives with his dad, his mom, and his younger brother who is also in high school.
  • In the 5th anniversary poll, Tsubaki mentioned that she has plans to include Hori's younger brother in the manga as 'a tall boy who wears glasses'.
  • In assisting Nozaki, he is in charge of backgrounds.
  • His hobbies are movie appreciation, watching plays and travelling. He spends his holiday by watching movies.
  • He's good at memorizing roads, spatial perception and carpentry. His weakness is how easily he becomes intoxicated by alcohol.
  • His style of choice is the ordinary high school uniform.
  • His best subjects are mathematics and physics. He doesn't do well in Classic Literature. His elective subject is Calligraphy.
  • His favourite food is Pork Ramen. He does not like homemade cooking made by amateurs (especially sweets).
  • His ideal type of girl is a girl with nice legs. Kashima, who has Hori’s ideal face, style and legs along can be known as Hori’s ideal girl.
  • He knows of Chiyo's feelings towards Nozaki.
  • After realizing that Mamiko's model was Mikoshiba, he occasionally calls Mikoshiba 'Mami-koshiba' by accident.
  • He ranked 2nd on the character popularity poll, according to the official fanbook.
  • As of Chapter 72 of the manga, he and Mikoshiba are the only characters that do not know that the other is an assistant of Nozaki.
  • In chapter 87 he begins to question his feelings towards Kashima.
  • He is the only other character, other than Chiyo and Nozaki, that is aware that Waka and Ose are modelled after Wakamatsu and Seo. However, Chiyo knows Ose is based off Seo.
  • Apparently, during his 3rd year of Middle School, he had met Kashima at an unknown train station when he had dropped something. At this point of time, he was still taller than her and she had called him 'onii-chan' (meaning 'big brother' as she has to refer to him as someone slightly older than her).