Biographical Information
Kanji 小林
Age 15
Club Judo
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime N/A
Manga Volume 5, Chapter 49
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A
Kobayashi is Mayu's friend from Judo club. He is also the one that started the Mayumayu blog.

Appearance Edit

Kobayashi has light-colored hair and eyes. He has freckles on his nose and is shorter than Mayu. He is typically seen wearing either his judo uniform, consisting of a white top, a belt and pants or his sport uniform (shown right).

Personality Edit

Kobayashi frequently texts others for Mayu, and although he is usually annoyed by having to care for Mayu's phone, he also enjoys posting to Mayumayu's blog. This led to one of his friends claiming he liked being a scribe after all.

Like the rest of the judo club, Kobayashi enjoys Mayu's art which teaches the club ground grappling through the use of fanservice. He enjoyed it so much that he created a blog dedicated to the artwork. Kobayashi also got excited when Mikoshiba started commenting on the blog while using a female username.

Relationships Edit

Mayu Nozaki Edit

Kobayashi is Mayu's friend who gives him advice and texts others for him. When Mayu complained that nobody in the club was interested in ground grappling, Kobayashi suggested drawing a tutorial which is what made Mayu start drawing for the judo club.

Kobayashi also shows concern for Mayu due to his laziness and poor texting skills, so he introduced him to "Mamiko" (Mikoto Mikoshiba) through the blog he created after Mikoshiba began commenting on the art.