Biographical Information
Kanji 小林
Age 15
Class Middle School (Unknown Class)
Club Judo
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime No known appearances
Manga Volume 5, Chapter 49
Voice Actors
Kobayashi (小林 Kobayashi) is a friend and fellow judo club member of Mayu Nozaki.

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Mayu NozakiEdit

Kobayashi is good friends with Mayu, and also a member of the judo club. When Mayu made pictures of girls doing ground grappling to encourage his teammates to work on it, Kobayashi made a blog called Mayumayu to upload the pictures online. Mayu sometimes made Kobayashi text for him because he was too lazy to do so himself. When Mikoshiba started commenting under the username Mamiko on the blog Kobayashi made, Kobayashi told Mayu to text him. By the end of the chapter, Mayu's texting was much improved as a result.