Ken Miyamae
Ken Miyamae
Ken Miyamae
Biographical Information
Kanji 宮前 剣
Also Known as Editor (担当 tantō)
Horoscope Virgo
Birthday September 22
Age 27
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 171 cm
Blood Type A
Anime Episode 5
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 7
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Kenta Miyake
English Voice Luis Galindo

Ken Miyamae (宮前 剣 Miyamae Ken) is Umetarou Nozaki's current editor. Nozaki likes that he responds quickly in comparison to his previous editor. Ken has known Mitsuya Maeno since high school, but he is easily annoyed or embarrassed by him.

Appearance Edit

Ken is seen as an overweight male, but as revealed in Chapter 21 of the manga (Chapter 22 in Volume format), he was originally slim in his first year of high school and college. The main source of his weight gaining comes from Maeno.

Ken often wears casual clothing (such as sweats and hoodies) along with glasses. His hair color is somewhat of a mix between dark green and a bit of blue.


In the manga, Nozaki describes Ken as "The Type That Gives Off The Feeling Of A Cool Adult." It's rather obvious for Ken to seem that way, since he barely reveals anything about his personal life. (Nozaki even gone out of his way to mark the date when Ken accidentally talked about his class reunion.)


  • Ken's favorite foods are fried fish balls and alcohol, while his least favorite foods are sweet foods.
  • He is inclined towards sensible, responsible and self-reliant women.
  • He has a mother and a younger brother.
  • His hobbies are reading books and watching movies.
  • He is the same age as Maeno.
  • He is incredibly prompt and laconic when replying by text.
  • He took his college entrance exam twice, and is therefore Maeno’s kouhai
  • In the Drama CD/Fall Arc, Maeno states that Ken gained weight after college due to work-related stress.

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