Biographical Information
Kanji はる
Age 20
Class College (Unknown Class)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime No known appearances
Manga Volume 3 Chapter 26
Voice Actors
Haru (はる Haru) is a classmate of Yukari Miyako and Ryosuke Seo. She attends an unidentified college.

Appearance Edit

Haru has shoulder-length, light silver wavy hair and a messy fringe which covers her forehead. A stray strand of hair sticks up on top of her head. She is often depicted wearing modest, formal clothing such as vests, cardigans and long skirts. Her eye color is unknown.

Personality Edit

Haru appears to be a mature woman who is also an avid follower of gossip. She is shown to fervently scrutinize Yukari's actions - such as her tendency to write 'love letters' during lectures - which leads to the formation of twisted conclusions. She then circulates these conclusions - often involving Yukari - throughout the college as rumors. Haru does not hesitate to eavesdrop on other peoples' conversations, as seen when she watches Yukari talking to Umetarou Nozaki at a café.

Relationships Edit

Yukari Miyako Edit

Haru started the rumor that Yukari works a 'night job'. Despite looking down on the fact that she apparently has a high school boyfriend, she is very protective of her. She evidently worries for Yukari's wellbeing while misunderstanding her relationship with Nozaki. She also attempts to prevent her from drinking alcohol at the party and disinfects her wounds when Yukari falls down after drinking too much alcohol.

Ryosuke Seo Edit

On a whim, Haru tells Ryosuke that Yukari 'has a boyfriend'. This shocks him, and he does not believe her at first. However, he trusts her insight in the end, implying that they are on friendly terms. Towards Ryosuke, Haru acts slightly cynical and does not seem to trust him as much as he trusts her. This is shown when she carefully observes him as he attempts to carry a drunk Yukari back home, making sure that he doesn't 'touch her in a funny place'.

Umetarou Nozaki Edit

Haru is convinced that Nozaki is in a relationship with Yukari. This assumption is based on a misunderstanding, which occurred when she spied on a conversation between Nozaki and Yukari who were discussing manga ideas. It was of Haru's doing that a rumor spread throughout the college proclaiming Yukari to have a boyfriend in high school (Nozaki).

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