Do You Have Enough Excitement?
Episode 9
Dokidoki, Tariteru?
August 31, 2014
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Do You Have Enough Excitement? (ドキドキ、たりてる? Dokidoki, Tariteru?) is the ninth episode of the anime.


It’s raining, and Sakura and Nozaki both forgot their umbrellas. As usual, Nozaki-kun starts coming up with different scenarios that he can use in his manga. Seo loans her umbrella to Sakura. Nozaki and Sakura use it to head home. Sakura envision an “aiaigasa” (Japanese term for couples sharing and umbrella) event, but everything is pretty awkward in real life.

Miyako’s storyline continues. As usual, Maeno is demanding all kinds of crazy things from her. Unfortunately, Miyako never gets angry although she does try to assert her opinion. Nozaki begs her to get angry with him otherwise it will be disastrous for newcomers in the manga world. Sakura, Nozaki, and Miyako all try to come up with different ways with which she can complain, but their plans backfire.

Quotes Edit

(after Seo tossing the umbrella to Sakura): “No…don’t be fooled me; she just isn’t thinking at all!!! But I’m going to write that down.”

Sakura (after seeing the rain scene Nozaki drew): “I can’t believe I lost to Yuzuki!!”

Nozaki (after seeing Miyako's predicament): “I am so blessed right now!! Thank you Ken-san!!

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