What's Strengthened Is Our Bond and Our Reins
Episode 10
Tsuyomaru no wa, Kizuna to Tazuna
September 7, 2014
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What’s Strengthened is Our Bonds and Our Reins

(強まるのは、絆と手綱 Tsuyomaru no wa, Kizuna to Tazuna) is the tenth episode of the anime.


Because of the unexpected success of the secondary characters story, Ken-san asks Nozaki to write more about them. However, both characters were modeled after Seo and Wakamatsu; Nozaki has misgivings about continuing their relationship. But when Waka shows up at his Nozaki-kun’s house with a movie ticket that Seo gave him, Nozaki tells him to go ahead with the date and tell him all about it later.

At the movie theater, traditional date related clichés occur—Waka’s formal outfit compared to Yuzuki’s casual one and deciding how to assert one’s authority over which arm rest to use. Once the movie starts, Wakamatsu feels he can finally relax and enjoy it. However, starts laughing at all the horrific and bloody scenes. After the movie, they go to a café to discuss it, but Waka starts feeling sick as Seo excitedly describes all the gory details. He states he really shouldn’t have come. Seo replies that next time, she’ll invite some other boy instead. Waka is shocked and upset; he says he wants to go with her no matter what.

Hori-senpai decides that the next play should be a musical; unfortunately, Kashima-kun is tone deaf. Sakura asks Yuzuki to help her out, so Kashima starts coming after school for a little coaching. However, she doesn’t improve, and Waka who has staked out the Glee Club in the hope of finding out who Lorelei-san is, mistakenly believes Seo is the one who is singing so badly. In the end, Hori decides to put on a traditional play. He has to participate in the rehearsals because one of their members is absent. Sakura and Nozaki come to watch as well. Nevertheless, Kashima and Hori aren’t a good match as actors. Nozaki stand in, but his acting is completely monotone. Finally, Nozaki, Sakura, and Kashima convince Mikorin to help. After watching him perform, Hori realizes that Mikoshiba is actually Mamiko. He cheers for him, upsetting Kashima because she feels that her senpai likes Mikoshiba more than her. Although Mikoshiba agrees to help, he returns to his shy personality the next day. Hori decides he’ll help out with rehearsals after all.

Quotes Edit

Seo (to Kashima): “You could give up now or after a year of constant practice. Which do you prefer?”

Nozaki and Sakura (to Kashima): “You could make senpai hate musicals forever or you could try to erase it from his memory. Which do you prefer?”

Hori (while rehearsing with Kashima): “I know I’m supposed to lose. Why do I feel like I want to grab her foot and fling her into next year?”

Hori (watching Kashima and Mikoshiba rehearse): “That’s it. Crush that prince!!”

Hori (to Mikoshiba after rehearsal): “You’re pretty good Mami…koshiba!!”

Nozaki (to Hori about Mikoshiba): “He went back to his old self after one day.”