This Love Is Being Turned Into a Shoujo Manga.
Episode 1
Sono Koi wa, Shōjo Mangaka Sarete Yuku.
July 6, 2014
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This Love Is Being Turned Into a Shoujo Manga. (その恋は、少女漫画化されてゆく。Sono Koi wa, Shōjo Manga Sarete Yuku.) is the first episode of the anime. 


Chiyo Sakura decides to confess to the boy she likes, Umetarou Nozaki. Fumbling over her word choice, she accidentally tells him that she’s his fan. In return, he gives her his autograph. As she tries to tell him what she really means, he asks her to come over to his house.

At his home, he suddenly asks her to do “beta” (filling all the designated areas of the manuscript with black ink) on the manga pages he gives her. After working for four hours, she realizes he’s a manga artist. He explains that although it started as a hobby, he now works professionally.

On her way home, Sakura realizes that Yumeno Sakiko (the name Nozaki signed with) is the same name as the writer of one of her favorite shoujo manga Let's Fall in Love. At school the next day, she’s overjoyed and asks him all about it, wondering why he never told anyone in class. He says he did, but nobody believed him. He thanks her for the help, saying that he had his eye on her for a long time. He knew she was a good artist, and Sakura realizes that he wants her for her talent. Nevertheless, she starts coming over to help work on the manga. They discuss different aspects of shoujo manga and how they compare with reality.

Nozaki often gets ideas for his manga by trying them out in real life. After school, he invites Sakura to go home together; he tells her he’s brought his bike. Sakura starts getting anxious, wishing she had practiced beforehand. Nozaki, however, reveals that it’s a bike built for two. After trying different scenarios, he finally incorporates one into his manga. The other girls in the class comment on how nice the manga turned out this month. A few days later, Sakura once again tries to tell Nozaki how much she likes him. However, she fails, and Nozaki gives her his autograph again, saying he hopes they can continue to work together. 


  • [Sakura]: Eh?! Nozaki-kun you’re a manga artist?
  • [Nozaki]: You worked four hours on beta without knowing that?

  • [Nozaki to Sakura]: If laws are broken in manga, we’ll get in trouble.
  • [Sakura's Thoughts]: If I’d known this would have happened, I would have practiced ahead of time!!
  • [Sakura to Nozaki]: The guilt I feel from not doing anything is insane!! Let me pedal too!

  • [Sakura]: Yumeno-sensei.
  • [Nozaki]: Yes. It’s weird being called that in school.
  • [Sakura]: Huh? Does that mean that everyone doesn’t know?
  • [Nozaki]: Most of the people in my class don’t know.
  • [Sakura] (Thoughts): Does that mean I’m special...?
  • [Nozaki]: Even when I told them, they didn’t believe me. Eventually they told me to give it a rest.
  • [Sakura]: I bet.


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