Track One: The Couple in Love AppearsEdit

Sakura (narration): It was an afternoon close to Winter Break.
When I was about to head back home, I found Nozaki-kun who kept staring at the schoolyard.

Sakura: Nozaki-kun!

Sakura (narration): It was that time...Nozaki was not staring there, but the long-haired girl standing close to him who was looking at winter sky.

Sakura: (No...Nozaki-kun!!)

Sakura (narration): His gaze at her was so strong, passionate like smashing a hard rock.It felt like I can't approach him.

Sakura: (what should I do...don't tell me she is who Nozaki likes?)

??: Hey,are you alright?

Sakura: ...?

??: Your face

Sakura: Eh! You are...Su-Su..Suzuki-kun?!

Suzuki: Yes.

Sakura: What??

Suzuki: I see! Are you perhaps Chiyo-chan, who does the beta?

Sakura: Erm...yes!

Suzuki: Nice to meet you. I've always watched you from inside the's the first time meeting you life-size and face-to-face like this.

Sakura: Y-yes...

Suzuki: You're smaller and cuter than I thought.

Sakura: way...heheh

Suzuki: "Let's Love"...thank you for helping to finish it nicely.

Sakura: It's my pleasure.

Sakura: (why am I talking to Suzuki-kun?!)

Suzuki: I wonder why....*laughs*

Sakura: Wait, where you going?!

Nozaki: Sakura?

Sakura: Oh, Nozaki-kun...

Nozaki: What's wrong?

Sakura: Err...nothing, Suzuki-kun suddenly appeared before me and laughed refreshingly and ran over there.

Nozaki: Suzuki did??

Sakura: Oh, that can't be true right? I was spacing out just now, I guess there's something wrong with my head.

  • laughs*

Nozaki: If so, I can see him clearly, that makes two of us right?

Sakura: EHHH?!

Nozaki: Furthermore, it's not just Suzuki.

Sakura: ...what do you mean?

Nozaki: Just now, at the schoolyard, the girl I met...

Sakura: She is....

?? : Suzuki-kun. You were pretty late.

Suzuki: Mamiko, I'm sorry. The longer you've waited, our affection has grown stronger, right?

Mamiko: I've always wanted to see you so...I don't know any stronger feelings than this.

Suzuki: Mamiko, what did you say just now?

Mamiko: That was nothing!

Suzuki: Say it once more.

Mamiko: Suzuki, you meanie!

Suzuki: The expression you have now is cute. Mamiko.

Mamiko: Suzuki-kun.

Suzuki: Mamiko.

Mamiko: Suzuki-kun!

Suzuki: MAMIKOOOOO!!!!!

Sakura: Eh? That was Mamiko?!

Nozaki: Yep. I couldn't believe it, so I kept watching her but the length of hair...

Sakura: Yep.

Nozaki: the way it's tied with a ribbon.

Sakura: Yep.

Nozaki: The way the sailor uniform is designed...

Sakura: Yep!

Nozaki: There's no mistake...the real Mamiko.

Sakura: I guess it's real! Amazing! But why are there the two of them?

Nozaki: Hmm....

Kashima: Sensei, would you like to eat parfait afterwards?

Seo: Yeah, I was so hungry and wanted to eat sushi.

Kashima: It's parfait, sensei.

Seo: It's sushi, right?

Sakura: Yuzuki! Kashima-kun!

Seo: Oh, Chiyo!

Kashima: What's wrong, rushing like that...?

Sakura: I have a favor.

Kashima: A favor?

Sakura: Yes. Can you see those two?

Kashima: Two?
The people who were standing in the backyard and being all sparkly?
Sakura: What about Yuzuki?

Seo: Erm....the excessively smiling guy and the girl in sailor uniform right?

Suzuki: A-A-Achoo

Mamiko: Suzuki, are you alright?

Suzuki: *laughs* I'm fine.

Sakura: They are visible after all.

Seo: That's quite a check, eh?

From this distance, you can see them right?

Sakura: It's not that but...

Hori: *gasp* Nozaki!

Wakamatsu: Nozaki-senpai!

Nozaki: Hori-senpai? Wakamatsu too?

What's wrong, looking so troubled?

Hori: Did you see that? The two at the schoolyard.

Nozaki: Yeah, that? Yes.

Wakamatsu: Isn't that Suzuki-kun and Mamiko?!

Nozaki: Yeah.

Hori: You....what's with that composure?!

Why on earth are they in reality?

That's strange however you see it!

Nozaki: Yes...

Wakamatsu: Hey, the two of them are looking here.
They're talking happily...
Oh gosh, they are getting closer!

Wakamatsu: Nozaki-senpai, what are they talking about?

Nozaki: who knows...?

Hori: 'Who knows'? You're the one thinking of the plotline for 'Let's love' right?

Nozaki: I see. But now they've come out from the manga. I don't know what's going on.

Hori: You don't know?
So, they're doing whatever they want?

Nozaki: Yes, somehow.

Wakamatsu: That's kind of dangerous...

Hori: Yes, especially Suzuki. His rampage might be unstoppable.

Wakamatsu: Ehh?!
Hori: What would you do? How are you going to end this?
Suzuki: What is it?
Wakamatsu: Wha...Suzuki really is here!
Suzuki: Yes! I'm doing the main role for 'Let's Love'.
Suzuki Saburo and
Mamiko: the heroine, Mamiko.
Both: Hello!
Wakamatsu: ...Hi there! This is Wakamatsu, a first year in basketball club.
Hori: This is Hori, a third year and the leader of the drama club.
....Their smiles are too bright!
Wakamatsu: yes...
Suzuki: That's not at all! *laughs*
Mamiko: and this is..?
Kashima: Nice to meet you! I am Kashima Yuu in 2-G! I belong to the drama club!
Nozaki: I'm Nozaki.
Sakura: I'm Sakura.
And this is my friend, Seo Yuzuki.
Suzuki: Yep
Mamiko: We know everyone well.
Sakura: Really?!
Seo: Or rather, who are they?
Sakura: Oh I see! Yuzuki, you don't know right?
Kashima: They are the main characters of 'Let's Love', sensei.
Seo: A manga's....?
Sakura: ...Yes.
Suzuki: *laughs* Thank you. This makes me happy. In the past, we used to be together with everyone.
Mamiko: too. I'm really glad to be together with everyone.
Nozaki: Mamiko, I'm happy too. When I speak to you, I can naturally think of the story, so I don't have to think of the story at all.
Hori: THAT?
Sakura: But, why did both of you suddenly appear?
Suzuki: That is because, it's almost Christmas and we asked Santa to give a surprise present to come and visit you all.
Nozaki: I see. So this is the Christmas miracle.
Sakura: The Christmas miracle?
Mamiko: Yes. Thank you for always supporting us, which I wanted to tell you all!
Sakura: Oh I see!
Mamiko: I haven't seen the other person right?
Suzuki: Yes, the person who did it proper and well, Mikoshiba. I can't see him around.
Wakamatsu: Thinking about it, I haven't seen Mikoshiba-senpai...
Hori: Yeah.
Kashima: Mikoshiba was doing his duty so he should be here anytime soon.
Sakura: Wait a while...Nozaki-kun, what will happen if Mikorin's here?
Nozaki: Hm?
Sakura: You see, Mamiko is modeled after Mikorin so...
Nozaki: Yeah...I've read this somewhere before.
Sakura: What?
Nozaki: When the same person from another dimension cannot exist.
Sakura: Yeah...
Nozaki: If they were to co-exist…
Sakura: ....
Nozaki: The counterpart will disappear.
Sakura: Disappear?! Then...
Kashima: Oh. Speaking of him...
Wakamatsu: That's Mikoshiba, right?
Sakura: EHHH?
Mikoshiba: Why is everyone assembling here?
Sakura: You cannot come here!!
Mikoshiba: What is it Sakura? Are you trying to isolate me?
Sakura: That's not it, Mikorin. But please, you can't go over there.
Mikoshiba: What's with that?
Suzuki: We'll go back so...
Mamiko: Chiyo-chan, everyone...
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Both: Goodbye!
Mikoshiba: What? Isn't that Suzuki-kun and Mamiko?!
Sakura: You can't, Mikorin! You can't see them!
Mikoshiba: Why can't I?!
Sakura: YOU CAN'TTT!!


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