Winter ArcEdit

A Drama CD entitled Winter Arc or Fuyu-hen was released with the anime voice actors, the stories relating to the season Winter. Track One was provided by wingg.tumblr.


Track 1 Romaji: Daiichigo: Koisuru Futari Arawaru"
English: One: The Two in Love Arrive
Japanese: 第一号 恋する二人、現る!

Track 2 Romaji: Dainigo: Kurisumasu to ieba?
English: Two: Speaking of Christmas?
Japanese: 第二号 クリスマスと言えば?

Track 3 Romaji: Daisango: Yuki to Neko to Oyabaka to
English: Three: Snow, Cat, and the Foolish Parent
Japanese: 第三号 雪と猫と親バカと

Track 4 Romaji: Daiyongo: Roman Gakuen no Fuku Otoko
English: Four: Romantic School of the Lucky Boy
Japanese: 第四号 浪漫学園の放課後

Track 5 Romaji: Daigogo: Henshubuu mo Fuyu Shitaku
English: Five: The Editorial Department also Prepare for Winter
Japanese: 第五号 編集部も冬支度

Track 6 Romaji: Dairokugo: Fuwaito Kurisumasu
English: Six: White Christams
Japanese: 第六号 ホワイトクリスマス

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