Track Two: Good Luck, Miyako-sanEdit

(italics text): [internal voice]

Sakura: Nozaki-kun, I finished the beta up to this part.

Nozaki: Ah, thanks.

Sakura: All that’s left is the last page but it looks like all the ink is gone.

Nozaki: Oh shoot, I completely forgot to buy new ink.

Sakura: Ah, then I’ll go buy some.

Nozaki: Nah, there’s only a little left. Let’s borrow some from Miyako-san. Please wait a bit.

Sakura: Kay.

* Phone Rings

Nozaki: Ah, it’s from Ken-san.

Sakura: Ah, then I’ll go.

Nozaki: Is it all right?

Sakura: It’s okay~

Nozaki: Sorry about that.

Sakura: No problem.

Nozaki: *Picks up the phone* Hello, this is Ken-san, right?

Ken: Yeah...

Nozaki: I'm working hard on my script, is there something wrong?

Sakura: (Hehe, Nozaki-kun really likes Ken-san. Like always, the tension is high.) I’ll be going.

Ken: Actually, I have a favor I want to ask you.

Nozaki: Ken-san’s... favor? eheh, what may that be?

Ken: It’s about the Shoujo Romance Spring commemoration. We couldn't get in touch with one of the scheduled one-shot manga. If it’s like this, it seems like there will be an opening.

Nozaki: That’s a problem.

Ken: Yeah. So, if it is possible, I was going to ask you if you can make another one-shot along with this month’s manuscript.

Nozaki: Another one?

Ken: The theme is a romance story that makes your heart burn. We want at least 20 pages.

Nozaki: 20 pages, huh.

Ken: I know I am asking for the impossible, but...

Nozaki: Yup!

Ken: Eh... I understand. Pretend this conversa---

Nozaki: I understand! I’ll take the favor.

Ken: Eh, is it all right?

Nozaki: Yes. If it’s for Ken-san, I’ll work hard! Its very easy to create a 20 page one shot. Leave it to me.

Ken: Thank you very much. It really is a huge help. Then I’ll send you detailed information by email.

Nozaki: Okay, I’ll be waiting!

* Ends call

Sakura: *Running* N-n-nozaki-kun! There’s a problem!

Nozaki: Yeah, it certainly is a problem. I wanted to show Ken-san my good side, and took his favor even though the deadline is really close. But a romance one-shot with 20 pages is... the hurdle is quite high.

Sakura: Hm! what, what are you talking about?

Nozaki: Ah, nothing. What’s wrong, being all panicked. The toilet is over there.

Sakura: No! Not that. Miyako-san is... Miyako-san is!

Nozaki: Did Miyako-san also ran out of ink?

Sakura: No no, but anyways look at this.

Note: {
Miyako: Please, do not find me. I am already too tired to fight. }

Nozaki:  ! This is...

Sakura: This was left in Miyako-san’s room.

Nozaki: In her room?

Sakura: The front door was opened. There was no response when I called, so I become worried and when I entered, this was on the table!

Nozaki: Haah... “too tired to fight”... Maybe Miyako-san...

Sakura: What?

Nozaki: Maybe she was forced to do the impossible by Maeno-san and become bothered to do anything.

Sakura: Whaaat?!

Nozaki: Anyways, let’s go back to her room again.

Sakura: Yeah.

- -
*Opens door

Nozaki: Miyako-san?

Sakura: Miyako-san?

Nozaki: I'm entering.

Sakura: I'm entering...


Nozaki: She’s not here.

Sakura: Mmm. Ah.. Nozaki-kun that.

Nozaki: Another written note? It looks like the continuation of the other one.

Sakura: What does it say?

Note: {
Nozaki/Miyako: If I explain, some would probably understand. But I learned that some don't. I am truly tired from the depths of my heart. }

Sakura: Eeeeeh?!

Nozaki: Like I thought, Maeno-san cornered Miyako-san.

Sakura: No way!

Nozaki: Hmm? There’s paper here too.

Sakura: What, what does it say!?

Note: {
Miyako: At that time, I couldn't save that tanuki...}

Sakura: Eh, what does this mean?

{Miyako: ... But, I made my mind. Even if I lose my life, I’ll show that I could protect this tanuki. That’s why I'm going on a journey. }

Nozaki: Woaaah!

{Miyako: Everyone, goodbye }

Sakura: Eh eh, “lose my life”... “goodbye”... ehh eh. Nozaki-kun we have to find Miyako-san!

Nozaki: Ahh, let’s go!

Sakura: Yeah!

Nozaki: Wait, before that we have to call... Miyako-san’s cellphone.

Sakura: Mm, call it.

* button noises

Sakura:( please, Miyako-san, stay safe)

* ringing

Sakura/Nozaki: Hm?

Miyako: Yes, this is Miyako.

Sakura/Nozaki: Miyako-san?!

Miyako: Oh, hello everyone. Welcome. What’s wrong?

Nozaki: Thank god, you’re alive.

Sakura: *crying* Thank God!

Miyako: C-chiyo-chan, did something happen?

~ ~ ~

Miyako: Here’s some tea. There’s cake as well.

Sakura: Uwa~ Itadakimasu.

Miyako: Nozaki-kun too, here.

Nozaki: Thank you.

Miyako: Sorry for worrying you. For going shopping without locking my doors, I'm too careless aren't I?

Nozaki: No, I'm sorry for coming to such conclusions.

Miyako: Nah, these notes were suppose to be in my next manga, but it does seem like something a person who is running away would write.

Sakura: Aha.... But, I'm really glad it was nothing.

Nozaki: No, risking your life and going on a journey to protect a tanuki even in a manga, there’s something quite wrong with that.[1]

Miyako: Eh?

Nozaki: Most likely a request from that guy, isn't it.

Miyako: Yeah... I got a call from Maeno yesterday and...

Maeno: Miyako-sensei. Did you watch tv yesterday?

Miyako: It was the day before my deadline, so not at all.

Maeno: Jeez, even if you are busy, you have to at least check the news daily.

Miyako: Ah, okay... sorry.

Maeno: And so, yesterday, on the tv there was a very inspiring story about a person who rescued a tanuki. I was just crying and crying.

Miyako: Was it that inspiring?

Maeno: Yes. That person mistook it for a dog and kept it, but even though (s)he[2] found out it was a tanuki, (s)he still raised it.

Miyako: Is that called saving it?

Maeno: Come on, they’re seriously saving it. So, the next story will be about a tanuki that gets rescued.

Miyako: ... is what he said.

Nozaki: Next time... It’s always like that with Maeno-san!

Sakura: Well, Nozaki-kun...

Miyako: That’s true, so that’s why I...

Miyako: What should I save it from?

Maeno: That would be from danger! There’s a bunch of dangerous things in this world, like a typhoon, a hurricane, a car accident, or an alien invasion!

Miyako: Hah...

Maeno: That’s why the heroine risks her life to save the tanuki.

Miyako: By risking her life?

Maeno: Indeed! It’s so inspiring, isn’t it? But it was all my idea. Hahaha!

Miyako: Yeah...

Nozaki: You took such an order... were you okay, Miyako-san?

Miyako: Well, I became very worried.

Nozaki: Of course, you have to get angry sometimes.

Sakura: That’s what I think too.

Miyako: But you know, the story was coming along. The heroine goes on a journey with the rescued tanuki. And they coincidentally meet a relative of the tanuki they couldn’t save before.

Nozaki: Tanuki’s relative?

Miyako: Yeah.

Nozaki: Another tanuki appears?

Miyako: Yeah.

Nozaki: ...

Sakura: Haha...

* Closes door

Nozaki: Sakura, Miyako san really is a good person.

Sakura: Yeah.

Miyako/Nozaki/Maeno: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


  1. Literally translates as: “It’s full of tsukkomi.”
  2. Gender is not specified.

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