Track One: The Daily Life at the Roman AcademyEdit

(italics text): [internal voice]

Hori: Hey, Nozaki. About the Roman Academy anniversary drama script, are you making any progress?

Nozaki: I'm sorry, Hori-senpai. The new princely figure that you mentioned is a bit hard.

Hori: That’s right, you are also busy with the upcoming deadline.

Nozaki: But you have always been helping me, so I’ll work hard!

Hori: I see! Then please make a new work of art that will bring up the side of Kashima.

Nozaki: Yes. Umm, I just thought of this, but...

Hori: Hmm, what?

Nozaki: In order to bring out a new side of Kashima, wouldn’t it be better if he played a role other than a prince?

Hori: That is impossible!

Nozaki: Impossible...?

Hori: Even if Kashima played other roles, the moment she shows a little bit of happiness, then it's all over.

Nozaki: Over...?

Hori: Yeah, whatever role she plays, her sparkling smile only suits the role of the prince.

Nozaki: Ah…

Hori: Even if the world flipped over, it is an unchangeable fact.

Nozaki: I guess so. (Hori-senpai is really a doting parent.)

Sakura: Ah, Nozaki-kun, Hori-senpai~

Hori: Oh hey Sakura. And what’s up with Kashima?

Kashima: “What’s up” is what I want to ask you, Hori-chan-senpai. What are you doing coming all the way to Nozaki’s classroom?

Hori: Ah, no. Nothing, right Nozaki?

Nozaki: eh, uhh yeah.

Kashima: Wait, perhaps you, Nozaki, are you aiming to steal the place of Hori-senpai’s cute underclassman?! I'm not giving it to you!!

Hori: Who’s the cute underclassman?! I was just asking questions because the anniversary drama script isn’t complete yet.

Sakura: Oh, I see.

Hori: Yup, I wanted to see a new princely figure for Kashima.

Sakura: A new princely figure?

Kashima: Ah, then what about The Happy Prince?

Hori: The Happy Prince?

Nozaki: Oscar Wilde[1], I see.

Kashima: Yeah, I thought maybe the classical view is good once in awhile.

Hori: That story was about a prince statue that stood in the center of the town. It heard stories of the poor people from a swallow, so shares its treasures and jewels to them. And at the end, it becomes a poor statue itself, and the swallow dies with it, in the cold [2].

Kashima: Yeah! The kindness of the prince and swallows makes you cry.

Sakura: Yup, yup. When I was young I cried while reading it.

Kashima: Right~ If that was a role, I would love to play it. How does it sound, senpai?

Hori: I see! Kashima, you are finally getting fired up, huh?

Sakura: (Hehe, Hori-senpai seems happy)

Kashima: Yeah, and club president, I recommend you to play the swallow.

Hori: The swallow role?

Kashima: Yup, the small-sized swallow only fits the club president!

Hori: *angry* Stop fooling around!

Nozaki: Oh, if it's about being small, Sakura also fits that role.

Sakura: eh, Nozaki-kun?!

Waka: Ooh, I agree! I think Sakura-senpai as a swallow would be cute. It’ll be good!

Sakura: Wa-wakamatsu-kun?!

Waka: Hello, everyone.

Hori: Hey, Wakamatsu.

Nozaki: How long have you been here?

Waka: Just before. I happened to hear an interesting conversation, so I just joined in~

Kashima: I see, it indeed will be cute if Sakura was a swallow, with her ribbons.

Waka: Yeah!

Sakura: eh, not possible! Either way, isn’t the swallow supposed to be a prop?

Hori: Oh, right...

Sakura: Yeah...


Hori: Umm, If you’re talking about stories of princes...

Waka: Ah, what about a star prince?

Hori: A star prince, huh?

Kashima: Oh, the wonderful story that tells you that precious things are unseen to the eye[3].

Sakura: Yup. Its good, its good~

Hori: Well, yeah. The prince role, of course, goes to Kashima. The problem is if there’s a person who can act as the fallen pilot that’s equally-ranked with the main character.

Kashima: How about you, president?

Hori: I will be doing the art.
It would be good if there is another actor with a similar height as Kashima.

Mikorin: Ah Nozaki

Nozaki: Hmm

Waka: Oh, Mikoshiba-senpai, hello.

Mikorin: Oh, Wakamatsu. Ah, did something happen, everyone is gathered?

Hori: Mami-koshiba! There was you!

Mikorin: Hah

Hori: Yep, come to the club room for a moment


Mikorin: So... why did it become that I have to try and act the pilot, Nozaki!

Nozaki: Well, well.

Hori: Don’t worry, I owe you one. And then if I get an image, I would consider you to act in the Star Prince play.

Kashima: Yep, yep.

Sakura: Mikorin, work hard!

Waka: Please work hard, I am also cheering you on.

Mikorin: Noo but.. *flustered* Nozakii!

Nozaki: Hmm, It’s okay. You look cool.

Mikorin: No, but I haven't even done anything.

Hori: Then, please try something. The plane’s engine stopped. The pilot landed on a desert. And he sees only one person, the Star Prince and so just say whatever you come up with.

Mikorin: Right off the bat!!?

Hori: Okay, start!

Mikorin: *flustered* eeh, what the heck, ugh.

Hori: I can't hear you, put more strength in your stomach!

Mikorin: hah?

Hori: You were all alone in a desert, and a person you can talk to arrived. Image that feeling and once again!

Mikorin: eh, kay...W-what do you want. Are you saying you are happy teasing me alone? heh, Stupid, aren’t ya. If you are with me for too long, you’ll be my caged bird and suffer more. *embarrased*

Nozaki: Um Mikoshiba, the other person is a prince. I don't think an ikemen[4]setting is good.

Sakura: I agree.

Mikorin: Huh?

Waka: Ah, then why doesn't he quit the pilot role and take on the role as the rose.

Mikorin: What do you mean, rose?!

Waka: It comes up in the Star Prince. I think that it may actually be the Prince’s lover.

Kashima: And also snakes, foxes and such appear.

Sakura: Then, what about a sheep? Mikorin likes them right~

Nozaki: Sakura, do sheep appear in “The Star Prince”?

Sakura: Ahh, sorry. Just got in the moment. hehe

Mikorin: Ehehe, wait, what the heck?!

Sakura: eh, umm, that is...

Waka: I understand, Sakura-senpai’s feelings.

Sakura: Eh

Waka: Because watching Mikoshiba-senpai is cool, I want to make him to various of things.

Mikorin: Hm?

Sakura: Eh ah, ahh ah..

Mikorin: Hmm, Is that true?

Waka: Yeah! It’s true!

Mikorin: Heh, absolutely right?~

Waka: Yep!

Mikorin: Ahahaha

Hori: so... he laughs at that.

Nozaki: So Hori-senpai, have you came up with the Star Prince image?

Hori: No, If I did come up with something based on this, that would be amazing in a way.

Nozaki: Right...

Hori: Okay, Since Kashima has finally gotten motivated ...

Kashima: Hm?

Hori: ... let’s go with The Happy Prince.

Kashima: Okay, I’ll work hard!~

Hori: Kay. I will too try my best with this and that.

Kashima: Eh, club president, you are going to work hard to act as the swallow?

Hori: Of course not! I'm going to work hard to make props! Gosh. Nozaki, since it’s like that, this time...

Nozaki: I understand. So for the drama script, I will think about it for the next anniversary.

Hori: Sorry about that.


Nozaki: Wakamatsu.

Waka: Ah, Nozaki-senpai.

Nozaki: I was passing by before.

Waka: Lorelai’s new song, right~ Thank you very much.

Nozaki: Yep.

Waka: It’s really nice huh, the drama club.

Nozaki: Mm

Waka: While the basketball club is practicing, sometimes I see Hori senpai and the rest having so much fun next to us.

Nozaki: I see.

Waka: How do you say. It’s like the clashing of hearts, or like clashing of feelings. I'm like jealous of them.

Seo: Waaaaaaaaakaaaaaaa!! *running*

Waka: Uwaaa, Seo-senpai!

Seo: Doon

Waka: Augh. What are you doing! I will get surprised if you suddenly run into me!

Seo: Don’t be embarrassed. I heard you.

Waka: Yes??

Seo: You are looking for clashing, right?

Waka: Eh?

Seo: Leave it to me!

  • Basketball noises*

Waka: That is the wrong meaning, okay.

Seo: Ahahaha, don't be shy. Its great, huh, the clashing of youthful sweat. Let’s clash!

Waka: It’s wrong, I say!

Seo: All right! Today I will go on a rampage! I'm coming!

Waka: N-noo, like I said, it’s wrong! Stop pulling on my shirt please, Seo-senpai!

Seo: Ahaha. Once more!

Waka: *Falling*

Background voices: Wakamatsu, are you okay?!

Seo: Aahaha.

Nozaki: Work hard Wakamatsu...

Everyone: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun



  1. A writer and a famous playwright
  2. He’s talking about the story “The Happy Prince”, a story by Wilde
  3. The story is literally translated as Star Prince (from Japanese), but it’s more famously known as “The Little Prince”
  4. Ikemen is a handsome guy

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