*  It has been published
* Sakura: In the end, Ken-san had Nozaki change the manuscript.
* "Let's Love." Fall Edition had a dreamy romance as expected of Yumeno Sakiko.
* -scene-
* Suzuki: How is it, Mamiko?
* Are you able to sleep?
* Mamiko: No way!
* I hate Suzuki-kun for trying to make me sleep! I hate him!
* Suzuki: Mamiko....
* Mamiko: (....I said something that would make him hate me. What should I do?
* But if I sleep, I won't be able to see Suzuki-kun's face....
* I don't want that!)
* Suzuki: Mamiko....try facing me.
* Mamiko: Suzuki-kun...
* Suzuki: I understand how you feel. But, it's fine.
* We'll surely meet each other in our dreams.
* After all, we're bounded by fate.
* Mamiko: Suzuki-kun...
* Suzuki: Mamiko....
* Mamiko: Suzuki-kun...
* Suzuki: Mamiko.
* -end-
* Sakura: Nozaki-kun, isn't planning what to draw really hard?
* However, it's quite fun right?
* Nozaki: Yep.

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