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   *  The editing team waiting for autumn
* Ken: ....I've gathered most of the others' [manuscripts], but I still haven't collected Yumeno-sensei's manuscript.
* Maeno: Oh my~ Isn't it Miyamae-kun...
* Ken: Maeno-san...
* Maeno: Working overtime today?
* Ken: Um.....yes.
* Maeno: *sighs* It must've been tough~
* But since Miyamae-kun's working pace is slow, I guess it can't be helped?
* Ken: ...!!
* Maeno: *laughs off* Well, it's fine! I'm sure God will be at the back of someone who is this diligent.
* Ken: yeah...
* Maeno: ....But still, a prodigy like me is still gonna win after all. Maybe he's not watching instead?
* Ken: Which is it?!
* *bell rings*
* Maeno: Oh! It's now 6 p.m., it's no wonder that I'm so hungry!
* Should I go out and eat?
* How about you join me, Miyamae-kun?
* Ken: No thanks, I just ate.
* Maeno: Oh, you are on a diet?
* Thinking about it, you got really huge since college....
* It might be stress, so please take care.
* Ken: I don't the source of it all to be telling me that!
* Or rather, if you going out, why are you still here?!
* Maeno: Well, I guess I shall just finish my work and return home!
* Ken: *sighs* * Maeno: .....there it is, there....when I thought I would want to go home and carefully look over it, but I totally forgot about it.
* Look, look! * There you go, the book which would published soon, isn't that great?
* Ken: *sighs* Miyako Yukari's annual celebration [nenkan] for raccoons....
* Hey! Why is there a celebration for raccoons in the world, it should be a illustrated book [zukan] of raccoons.
* Maeno: Oh, that's an editor, he or she can't just pass this off so easily....
* Ken: Isn't that you?!
* Maeno: *shock* That's right...that's my fundamental mistake....What should I do, Miyamae-kun? I can't make any excuses...
* to the raccoons!
* Ken: Seriously, The raccoon?
* Maeno: .... yes, this is Maeno....
* Miyako: Maeno-san, this is Miyako.
* Maeno: Miyako-sensei, what's up?
* Miyako: I'm sorry but....I need more time for that Fall issue...
* Maeno: Oh, that's special chapter for autumn?
* Miyako: Yes...I can't find any good inspiration for that...
* Maeno: I see...then I've got a great idea!
* Miyako: Eh? Is it your idea?
* Maeno: about underground people vs. raccoons? I'm sure it's a dimension you haven't wrote about.
* Miyako:'s true but the fight between underground people and raccoons is....
* Maeno: It's perfect for autumn and innovative right? Don't hold back....even though it's my own idea.
* Ken: underground people vs.'s got nothing to do with autumn!
* No good...I can't focus on my work....!
* I guess I'll go and buy coffee..
* *vending machine*
* Ken: I guess I'll give Yumeno-sensei a call...but...
* Nozaki: Sorry, Ken-san! I'm working hard now!
* Ken: I might be disrupting his manuscript I'll pressure him.... guess I'll wait until tomorrow
* Maeno: So, Miyako, with all these discussion, I'll be waiting for your manuscript! Nice working with you.
* Maeno: Isn't Miyako-sensei relying too much on me? It's troubling...
* I wanted her to become a great manga artist though....
* Even with capable manga editors, it's got nothing to do with good manga artists....isn't that right, Miyamae-kun?
* Ken: Sleeptalk at your own house please.
* Maeno: What? You can't talk while sleeping...because when I'm sleeping Miyamae-kun isn't with me right?
* Ken: Obviously!!!
* Maeno: I see....
* Ken: *rages*
* Maeno: I'll go home then, I'll leave the rest to you.
* Ken: Huh? Isn't that raccoon book yours?
* Maeno: Oh yes, that's right....I'll fix that tomorrow.
* But still....raccoons are cute right? Other than that it's the elephant, then it's the giraffe.
* Maeno: I've already heard that before, along with the editing team.
* Maeno: If so, I'll now say for the first time, that when I was young, when I was in Mount Takao, I made friends with a raccoon.
* A raccoon so near me, even when it's not in the zoo.
* I felt that it was so precious and kept staring at it.that the people thought it was precious....
* Ken: What's with that sudden long story? Man, he hasn't changed at all.
* Guess I'll just work.
* Maeno: After that, I don't where else to look? Like the raccoon Miyako-sensei drew...Miyamae-kun are you listening?
* Ken: Yes..
* Maeno: And so, when raccoons are in a pair, they'd live together in the future. Loyal, right? It sounds like me.
* Ken: How is it so?
* Maeno: Talking about Raccoons, we shouldn't be eating them right? Those cute's just unforgivable! Miyamae-kun, am I right?!
* Ken: ....yes.
* I'm hungry but...
* Maeno: Miyamae-kun, aren't you hungry after all?
* Let's go out and have dinner.
* Ken: It's fine, I still have cup noodles with me.
* Maeno: I see...and you're eating in the end..
* If you eat at such a late hour, it's probably fattening, so you should be careful.
* Autumn is a foodie, after all...I'll teach you a strategy for losing weight next time!
* -end-
* Notes:
* 1. About the nenkan and zukan, it's an error in the kanji if you notice the 'kan' is common, so it's a typo error in the book which Miyamae [ken] pointed out.
* 2. Underground people, I don't really get what it means either, maybe it's a reference to Anohana. [Jintan's shirt]
* 3. Autumn is a foodie is a metaphor which means that there are lots of autumn delicacies in Japan, like seasonal fruits and how log cakes are popular in winter.

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