Fall ArcEdit

The Drama CD entitled Fall Arc or Aki-hen contains six tracks, voiced by the anime cast members. The mini stories relate to the season Fall. To see the translations, click on the track number. The translations have been provided by g-pin.tumblr.


Track 1 Romaji: Daiichigo: Toaru Bangai-hen no Hajimari
English: One: The Beginning of a Certain Story
Japanese: 第一号 とある番外編の始まり

Track 2 Romaji: Dainigo: Aki wo Risachi suru Otoko Tachi
English: Two: The Boys who research about Autumn
Japanese: 第二号 秋をリサーチする男達

Track 3 Romaji: Daisango: Rorerai to Waka no Aki
English: Three: Autumn of Lorerai and Waka
Japanese: 第三号 ローレライと若の秋

Track 4 Romaji: Daiyongo: Aki wo Matsu Henshubu
English: Four: The Editor Waiting for Autumn
Japanese: 第四号 秋を待つ編集部

Track 5 Romaji: Daigogo: Aki-hen Saishuuan Kettei
English: Five: The Final Fall Edition Decided
Japanese: 第五号 秋編・最終案決定

Track 6 Romaji: Dairokugo: Aki-hen Keisai Saremashita
English: Six: The Fall Edition has been Published
Japanese: 第六号 秋編・掲載されました

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