Template:Chapter Issue 90, published in Volume 9, is the 90th chapter of the manga. The tagline for this chapter reads: 'Let's Have a Summer Love Together!'

Page Titles

  • When He Sees His Ideal Type
  • That's More Like...
  • Looking at Them as A Woman
  • Would Fail Even Here
  • The Highly Anticipated Outcome
  • Hori-senpai Being Flustered
  • Spoiling Her with All His Might
  • I Know
  • I Can Tell (1)
  • Built Up Habits
  • I Can Tell (2)
  • I Can Tell (3)
  • Senpai is Tired Today as Well


Since the events of Chapter 87, Umetarou Nozaki sees that Masayuki Hori has become worn out because he has been trying to identify negative aspects of Yuu Kashima in order to distance her from his ideal type, but has difficulty in considering any. Meanwhile, Mikoto Mikoshiba and Kashima discuss how Hori has been acting like a mother-in-law towards her.

Both Nozaki and Mikoshiba are disappointed by the lack of suspenseful romantic interactions between the two and scheme to make them meet at the beach in order to raise romantic tensions. Hori is unphazed by the meeting but, as an actor, decides to play along with their expectations. He overhears that they want him to fawn over Kashima, so he spoils her with cold treats which cause her to cling to him for warmth.

He continues to play his role and spoil Kashima by patting her and telling her she is cute, she mistakes this for an improv que and acts like a dog. As Hori continually attempts to spoil her with kindness, Kashima consistently takes them for mere improv ques, much to both his and Mikoshiba's concern. Seeing that this is her reaction to his kindness, Hori decides that he should be nicer to Kashima more often. The next time he sees Kashima, he pats her and lazily tells her that she is his amazing, super cool and cute underclassman, which she she is able to distinguish as a genuine compliment.

In school, Kashima is congratulated by her clubmates for finally being recognized by Hori as his cool and cute underclassman. Meanwhile, Chiyo Sakura and Nozaki present Hori the draft they have come up with based on one of his poor attempts to spoil Kashima. Hori goes home early due to a headache.

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