Template:Chapter Issue 89, published in Volume 9, is the 89th chapter of the manga. The tagline for this chapter reads: 'Eh!? By studying for tests, my love progresses more and more!?'

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  • The Doki-Doki I Seek From You
  • More Than Usual
  • Helpful Reference Notes
  • Following Her Heart's Desires
  • (Temporary) Suzuki and the Fans
  • Best Subjects
  • Shoujo Manga Brain
  • And So the Victims Increase
  • Reference Blog
  • A Boy's True Opinion
  • A Nice Little Story
  • The Victim's Answers


Umetarou Nozaki invites Chiyo Sakura to study with him, but because the schedule of his deadlines and exams overlap, he decides the story will be about studying as well. They include Mikoto Mikoshiba and stay late in school to study. When Mikoshiba wonders how the story could work if there are three of them, Nozaki says that no one is assigned to a fixed role and they will just adapt to whatever is appropriate.

While studying, Nozaki uses Sakura's sloppy notes as reference for Saburou Suzuki's so Mamiko can comment on how messy they were. Then, Mikoshiba tells Sakura to use this opportunity to do whatever she wants, like flirt with Nozaki. Sakura agrees but decides to use the "switched during study session" trope to get some of Nozaki's items, such as his pencil and necktie. Some girls from Mikoshiba's class spot and help him study, but Nozaki decided that they were too smart to serve as basis for Suzuki's fans.

Mikoshiba wonders if this study session will work considering that all of them have very average grades, Sakura says they all have a subject they're good at and can teach the others that. The two ask Nozaki for help with a story in Contemporary Literature and he decides to draw an over-dramatic and simplified manga version of it. As the three leave to take a break, two of Nozaki's friends (Totsuka and Tayama) stop by and read the manga version of the story.

During the break, MayuMayu's blog updates and Mikoshiba receives a message wishing him luck for the exams, along with an exclusive picture. He saves the picture while claiming the text is what touches him the most. Once the three finished, Nozaki says heartwarming farewells before parting, only to be used as reference for the manga's next issue.

During the Contemporary Literature test, Sakura, Totsuka and Tayama unfortunately included the inaccuracies of the manga version of the story in their answers.

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