Template:Chapter Issue 87, published in Volume 9, is the 87th chapter of the manga. The tagline for this chapter reads: 'Even I can be a princess!'

Page Titles

  • A Surprising Transformation
  • The Catharsis in the Story
  • Teach Us, Miyako-Sensei!
  • The Time it Takes
  • A Convinced Friend
  • A Good Friend's Consideration
  • Real Enthusiasm
  • Even Though it was What I Wanted
  • A Person with Bad Timing
  • At a Heart Pounding Situation
  • A Skillful Transformation
  • Senpai's Heart
  • Business as Usual
  • What You Like, the Way You Like It
  • Page 5 was Foreshadowing


The chapter begins with Mikoto Mikoshiba excitedly reading a new issue of a recent shoujo manga. Umetarou Nozaki ponders what makes it exciting and they conclude it must be because the main character undergoes a drastic change which shows a side that's never before seen of her. The two ask Yukari Miyako's opinion about it, she believes the transformation serves as a form of catharsis in the story and the three discuss it further.

Mikoshiba, still invested in the idea, thought that Yuu Kashima, as an actor, would be perfect to have such drastic transformations in her roles. He tells Kashima his idea and she becomes interested, the two start looking for clothes for roles she doesn't usually play. They settle for typical cute princess costume. To satisfy Mikoshiba's expectations, Kashima contacts the drama club to come see her dressed up. Mikoshiba was disappointed upon seeing that their reactions were all scripted.

The club states that they usually play with the costumes when the club president, Masayuki Hori, is not there. Just then, Hori arrives and, upon seeing Kashima, tells Mikoshiba to leave outfit coordination to him. He fixes Kashima's attire by emphasizing her height and giving her a more "mature" look, impressing everyone. Once Kashima sees it, she asks Hori if she can wear it to class and he agrees but she must wear her uniform and a pair of black tights.

Many of the boys in Kashima's class almost did not recognize her and gave her compliments, she plays along by complying to their requests (saying lines like "you're so cute~"). A student points out that if Hori is the one that gave her that look, it must be his type because it is basically Hori's favorite face done in his favorite way. Days later, Nozaki tells Mikoshiba that Hori anxiously admitted that Kashima's face may be his ideal type of woman.

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