Chapter 84
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Hirotaka Wakamatsu
Yuzuki Seo
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Issue 84, published in Volume 9, is the 84th chapter of the manga.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Summary Edit

On the title page, Seo is shown walking through the hallways and humming because she is in a good mood. Because of her humming, however; Wakamatsu immediately fell asleep in the middle of the hallway. Seo explained to Sakura and Nozaki that the same thing had happened three times that day, and she asked them why they thought it was happening. Nozaki then started to worry that Seo would play around with Wakamatsu if she found out that he falls asleep when she hums or sings. Because of this, Nozaki panicked when Sakura tried to explain why Wakamatsu fell asleep, but instead of giving the real reason, Sakura told Seo that Wakamatsu was playing dead.

Seo was happy that she became a bear-like existence to Wakamatsu, and Sakura excitedly said that now Seo is the "Bear of the Choir Club" instead of the "Lorelei of the Choir Club". Nozaki said the element of music disappeared. Seo liked the "Bear of the Choir Club" because it seemed stronger, and said she would make a song about a bear her background music. Nozaki exclaimed that the element of music came back at a weird timing.

Wakamatsu was frustrated that he crossed paths with Lorelei three times but never got to see her face because he fell asleep. He said that he wanted to hear her singing properly just once. He heard her singing again, but started feeling drowsy and couldn't hear properly. He thought, "what on earth are you singing right now?" as Seo was singing a song about a bear while walking through the hall. Seo then noticed that Wakamatsu fell asleep in the hall again and thought he was playing dead. When she went to investigate, she realized that he was asleep and tried to wake him up. When that didn't work, she drew a line around him with signs saying "Danger" and "do not enter" to keep people from stepping on him.

Seo then went to Hori to discuss Wakamatsu falling asleep. Hori, not realizing that Seo was Lorelei, told her the real reason why Wakamatsu kept falling asleep. When Hori asked Seo if she knew Lorelei, she told Hori that she was taken down by a bear. Hori misunderstood that to mean that a bear-like guy was dating Lorelei, but Seo told him that wasn't what she meant. Seo didn't get how Wakamatsu fell asleep, so she decided to try sneaking up on him and singing where he couldn't see her. After making him fall asleep from her singing three times, she excitedly told Sakura that she preferred the Lorelei after all because she could take people down without even raising a hand.

Wakamatsu's classmates started talking about how he kept passing out everywhere, and then noticed him on the floor surrounded by filled graduated cylinders. Later they found him fast asleep in the science room where it looked like he was being sacrificed. Then later they found him in the art room holding paint brushes and surrounded by fruit. The classmates then started getting excited about where they would find him next. Because of the way that Lorelei made Wakamatsu fall asleep and then prank him by surrounding him with props, his classmates told him that Lorelei was actually a troll.

Wakamatsu then told Seo that he thought Lorelei must be a criminal who likes watching people react to her crimes for fun. Seo missed the point, and instead of stopping her antics, she made Wakamatsu fall asleep in a coffin filled with flowers. After Wakamatsu woke up, he told Seo that Lorelei probably hates him. Seo told Wakamatsu that Lorelei probably doesn't even recognize him in the first place. This comment made Wakamatsu cry and hug Seo while exclaiming, "Either way I'm shocked!". Wakamatsu then got tired from crying and went to sleep. Seo realized that all day he did nothing but sleep and cry. "Is he a baby?" She thought.

Seo wondered if Wakamatsu got hurt because she made him fall over so much. She also wondered what would happen if she sang up close to him. She started singing into his ear while he slept. Later, she called Nozaki and exclaimed that Wakamatsu wouldn't wake up no matter what she did after she sang the song about a bear to him. Nozaki said, "Is he hibernating?" Wakamatsu then woke up as normal the next day.

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