Issue 21, published in Volume 3, is the 21st chapter of the series.

Page Titles

  • Private Information
  • Maeno-san And Ken-san
  • Learned From Senpai
  • No One Understands
  • Unclear Reason
  • A Hard Job
  • High School Manga Artist 1
  • High School Manga Artist 2
  • Personal Blog
  • Airy Maeno
  • I Couldn't Do It For My Life
  • Private Information 2


Ken-san leaves after his meeting with Nozaki. Sakura comments that although she has seen Ken-san for a while now, she really doesn’t know anything about him. Nozaki immediately lists some of Ken-san’s personal facts that he got Miyako-san.

Ken-san and Mitsuya Maeno attend their high school reunion together. As they converse with their classmates, they all discuss what they are doing now. Ken and Maeno’s answers to their questions lead to countless misunderstandings about the famed “Yumeno-sensei.” Furthermore, a couple of boys attribute Ken’s weight gain to Maeno somehow incessantly annoying Ken. At last, Ken has to take a drunk Maeno home. He refuses at first since when editors get drunk all they talk about is manga. Nevertheless, he eventually complies.

The next day when Nozaki calls Ken-san to confirm something, he notices that Ken-san sounds a little tired. Ken replies that he had to attend a class reunion yesterday, but Nozaki should just ignore that. After the call, Nozaki excitedly marks his calendar. Sakura asks him what happened, and he cheerfully replies that this is the first time Ken-san told him something about himself on his own.

When Maeno comes up to pick up Miyako’s manuscript, she notices his face covered in band aids. He laughs it off, saying that Ken became a little rough when they went out for drinks last night. That evening, when Ken visits Nozaki, he desperately asks Ken-san if he went on a drunken rampage last night and clobbered Maeno-san—if he can’t handle liquor, he should refrain from drinking. Ken is left speechless.

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