The King's Game Nozaki-kun
Anthology 1
Ou-sama Game Nozaki-kun
Tsubaki, Izumi
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Umetarou Nozaki
Chiyo Sakura
Mikoto Mikoshiba
Masayuki Hori
Yuu Kashima
Hirotaka Wakamatsu
Yuzuki Seo
Chapter Guide
Chapter 2

The King's Game Nozaki-kun is by Izumi Tsubaki, and it is the first chapter of the Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Anthology.

Page TitlesEdit

  • Preacher of Love, Nozaki
  • Clean Kings
  • Teach me, Chiyo-sensei
  • Mikoto-sama's Order
  • Both-way Atmosphere Reading
  • The Way the Game Is
  • Commanding the King
  • Getting Hit by Every Order
  • Heart Throbbing Service


After hearing about the King's Game from Miyako, Nozaki invites his friends to play the game with him as inspiration for his manga. While Sakura is nervous if the kings will have romantic orders, Kashima orders to write a poem, Wakamatsu orders to expose an embarrassing memory, and Nozaki orders to buy green tea, which makes Sakura wonder why no one is asking for anything romantic and tells Nozaki to do so. Nozaki asks what kind of orders, and Sakura responds kissing and pocky game might be difficult so any orders with direct contact. However, Nozaki misunderstood and told the rest of the group Sakura wants direct contact and sexual harrasment only.

Now Mikoshiba's turn, he orders Kashima to put her head on Hori's lap, joyfully accepted by Kashima. Then Seo notices Sakura's number and orders her (with the only sexual harassment rule in mind) to touch Nozaki's butt. Sakura does so, and Nozaki asks how long Kashima is going to lay on Hori's lap. They thought they had to continue until the end of the game, but Kashima, again as King, orders to stay on his lap. Wakamatsu is now King and orders Seo to say something embarassing, however, their positions reverse. The game continues, the kings ordering someone to take off a piece of their clothing until Mikoshiba is left with his underwear only. For the last round, as per requested to do something normal from Hori, Nozaki decides to bridal carry number four. Knowing Sakura was it, Nozaki did something more "special", and carried her like an airplane instead.

Later, Miyako notices Nozaki looking down and asks how the King's Game was. He responds since then, Sakura has been afraid of him, making Miyako curious what he did.

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